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Thursday June 6, 1985

Dear Mom and Dad and Everyone,

June 16 is Father's Day. I hope this gets there before then. I don't plan to call on that day but I will be thinking of you, Dad. My gift to you will be to return home a week later. I hope you are well (I heard something about blood in your bowel movements) and if not well at least happy.

I am flying from México (City) to Tijuana (actually I'm taking an airplane or rather riding in an airplane [my English is crumbling]) leaving at 9:00 AM June 20. Then somehow I'll take a bus across the border and into San Diego. Then I'll call Jim Griffin at his parent's place.

Jim with his parents

Jim and I will visit here and there and return to Santa Cruz on Sunday. I'll call you Monday morning to tell you when I'll be arriving on the Greyhound bus in Sunnyvale. Didn't I leave from the same place 9 months ago?

[[ Jim and I went to see my cousin Kristi - she had recently given birth to her second child - Joanna. We attended her baptism. The picture below also shows her father, Joe, and sister, Yona.]]

Joanna, Joe, Yona, Kristi

9 months. That's a nice round period of time. Time for a child to be conceived and born. An entire school term. I know more about school terms than conceiving children. The past 9 months have been quite an education. Much more valuable (and expensive) than any of my other many school terms.

Unless something unfortunate happens to me in the next 2 weeks it seems like I'm going to make it home in one piece. I give thanks.

What will I do when after I return? I'm not exactly sure. Here's a little list:

I will see you all soon!

Other Drawing of Beer Bottle for Leif

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