As part of my volunteer work for Mount Madonna Center in 1983-1984 I developed a pre-processor for CBASIC (from Digital Research, Inc). It was called Ratbasic (Rational BASIC) and was modeled on Ratfor (Rational FORTRAN). I wrote an extensive (40 page!) document for it (that took almost as long to perfect as the software itself!), formed a teensy (and very temporary) company (Sahadev Software), and tried to market the software with the help of a company in Ohio.

Here's the introduction to the document I wrote:

The software was described in a newsletter for CBASIC programmers:

Here are the two books that inspired the software:

CBASIC User Guide - Adam Osborne, Gordon Eubanks Jr., Martin McNiff. Published by McGraw Hill in 1981.

Software Tools - Brian Kernigan, P. J. Plauger - published by Addison-Wesley Professional in 1976.

On the back of the CBASIC book it says:

[[ 2016 - That last sentence is ridiculous - but it was 1984 – long before the explosion of the internet and the proliferation of the many many powerful, advanced, modern languages (like Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Java, Javascript, etc., etc., ...). ]]

Finally, Ratbasic was not used very much at all and quickly became obsolete.