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Tues. pm 2-20-85

Dear Jon,

I'm glad you're meeting Alan and will now have a traveling companion. Perhaps he'll bring news of you on his return.

Terry and Betsy Plette and their kids are moving to England in June or July for a 2 year period. Terry works for Intel and the company has a plant in Snowden(?). They are very excited, and hope to do a great deal of traveling while there. Betsy's great love is England and has about completed a novel set in medieval England so she's especially enthused. I'm sad about losing a great friend's company for a couple of years though we thought that perhaps we'll visit England next summer (not this).

Jon Michael's been sick with the flu since Thursday - fever, congestion, cough. So we spent our President Holiday weekend here at home. We cleaned out our study - got plenty of sleep - some reading and paperwork done. A couple of weeks ago we cleaned the garage - the first time since we moved here. A great feeling! Fun to pull out all the old stuff - my wedding dress - letters Joe and I had written to each other - some old school papers - the kid's first school work.

This Friday I'm having a Chinese Day in my classroom - Chinese New Year begins tomorrow - Year of the Ox! The kids will write fortunes & make fortune cookies, practice calligraphy & brush painting, learn about the lunar years & Chinese New Year customs, & see two videos - one of my visit to Chang Ho Elementary School (the kids and programs) and other selections from a National Geographic special “Four Americans in China”. We'll also make a dragon puppet & fool around with other crafts. Will be a fun day.

The weather's been beautiful - had all the doors open. Feels ready for basketball - Bjorn had a practice game after school today. Guess he'll play more 1st base this year. Jon, too, is going to play T-Ball (just one practice a week and one game). B. on the other hand is very involved. Practice every day from 3:45 till dark. He becomes very organized with school worK - and he does so well with the sport. It's one of the best times of the year for him.

We've had some great cross-country ski trips. Found a new place just 80 mins out of Sacto. Last time we up overdid it. Rough trail for adults and Jon kept right up with us. He was exhausted at the end of the day, but we certainly have found a sport we all enjoy.

Joe has applied for a job in Sacramento along with two others that were announced this month. He is anxious to leave the county office - I hope he doesn't take the first job to be offered, just to have the change. He's capable of a new challenge. I told you about his boss' death right after our China trip. Work's been very difficult ever since. Anyway, I hope Joe's “reemployed” come summer, and we may have relocated. Some surprises for you! And us!

I guess that's about all the news. As soon as Jon is back to health, we'll all be well. And, we're anxious to have you home. Have great travels with Alan.


Dear Jon,

Life is exciting!

I am currently enjoying my family again. It is great to ve available for fun activities with Elin and the boys. Between scouts, little league and evenings out with Elin I am feeling satisfied as a father and a husband.

We also have been skiing 3 times so far this season. We are planning at least one more excursion before the snow is gone. Next year you can join us on our treks off cross country skiing...

I am looking for another job. This week I've applied for two positions; assistant supt Santa Barbara County Office of Ed and 2) Lobbyist for the Association of Calif School Administrators. The lobbyist position would require a move to Sacramento. By September I should have a new job... somewhere .... I am grateful for my stable family life at a timei when my professional life is so unsteady.

I've enjoyed reading your letters - your traveling with Alan should be fun - please keep writing.


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