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Feb 11, 1985

Norman and Karen,

I just had some photos developed (bouncy train) and there were two that I thought you would enjoy seeing. They're from the Vigeland park in Oslo - the one you told me about, Karen. You shared the big book of photos when you both came for the “going away” party.

It was very cold the day I took those pictures. May -15° C. My feet got cold more than anything else. I'm pleased with these two pictures; especially the boy skiing.

I was in Oslo more than a month ago. Since then here's a list of places I've been:

and then France.

Have my parents invited you to come and read all of my letters yet? I told them to do so. Reading them is the best way for you to know what I've been up to. I can't write everything to everybody (bouncy train). Some day take a little trip to Santa Clara. I'm sure you'd be fed well.

We're in Bologna. I can tell because there are 4 signs outside the window (Italians are rather inefficient). A man is sitting reading National Geographic with a suitcase on wheels beside him. The fellow across from me is some kind of accountant as he's punching a small calculator and writing lots of numbers in columns. He's French. I heard him say, “Oui, c'est moi” to a customs official asking about a briefcase. First time I've encountered someone from France. (No. There was a young girl in Luxembourg.)

When I return (end of June?) I will look forward to asking you about your European trip, Karen. How's life at home? What's it like to stay in one place for more than a week? How's school? How's job? How are you two?

Take care,

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