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Yona got a calender from Dorothy Papp. The saying for today is “first this then that”. What does that mean?

I am up early as usual. My spelling and grammer will not be good but I will try to relate to you what has happened since you have left.

It is real strange knowing you are some place, but where? I know you are not in any danger. I have now a small feeling of how my folks felt when I was in the Navy and I was in a little danger I guess and I am sure they worried and wondered where I was, what I was doing, how I was holding up under the stress of flying, etc. But I was much younger than you. To me I was well trained to handle stress at that time but I feel many times that I was really in danger, not realized then, but do now many times and thank God that I was spared and that I had the chance to enjoy you, Elin and Leif, and, of course, Yona.

I am happy for you and for Rolf and Joran that you could spend some time with them. They, to my estimation are real nice people. I am so glad you are getting to get the feel of the people in the different countries and maybe what their attitude is toward the U.S. We are not always so good in the minds of many peoples of the world.

Now for some new from here. Things have gone on as usual. Royce is not well, has been in and out of the Vet hospital has leawkimia, heart deasease, is overwheate +++. He is not well. They do not keep me informed of his condition and seem to think more of their friends than family. That's O.K. if they want it that way, but it kinda hurts.

Elin + Joe are fine. We had the boys last weekend. They are great kids. We gave them a train set for Xmas you will have to see it. I should help them more with it, but don't think E+J want me to. Maybe they think I will meddle too much.

Leif and Amy found a house to buy. We are going to help with the down payment. Joe + Elin have also got money from us. All will sign notes and pay interest. We will have enough for you, too, if and when you need it.

Leif has not been well. Ear infection, I think, imbalance, etc. is better now hope it clears up soon. Has been a long time. Poor kid.


Yona and I are volenteering at Bowers. Yona goes 4 days a week to help Sally, MaryAnn + Maryenette (Mr. Peterson's wife) and now also Dorothy Papp. I help Cleda Decker with her P.E. We played Football, Soccer, now Volleyball. They have 4 teams. Little children are much different than H.S. I also coach the 5+6 grade Basketball team last week. We won 39-8. I have a job that pays $4.38/hr for Noon yard duty supervisor. On M-T-Th Fun. Mr. F. the principal says we will have a tough time against the next team we play. I am sure we will win. We now have 9 people on our team. They like 3 on 3 plus 21 - do you remember those drills? There is one caucauchian (sp) on my team. All the rest are orientals. Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, etc. They are fun!

I bowl twice a week. Mon + Thurs. Last Mon I had a 194-139-100. Not very consistant. We won 4 pts. We also won first half. So we are assured of at least 2nd place in the league. On Thurs we are now in first place, with other people.

Elin gave me a book on “square foot gardening” for Xmas. I am going to try it. It seems interesting. You will see the results when you get home. I have just dug up a section 4'x8' will plant 2 sections 3x4 it should work out, I think.


My BB team lost yesterday 20-18. It was because of bad passes, poor shooting, no rebounding. In other words we played shitty.

Went to see Royce yesterday. He is not well.

Went to see Royce again - he seems better.


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