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... be in charge of it at the Mt. View & Palo Alto facilities as well. He seems happy about it - 5% raise (I think that's what he said ...) much better position & future, I guess.

49ers have only lost one game all season - so Super Bowl at Stanford for them - hopefully. They beat Minnesota Vikings 51-7 Saturday.

Yesterday we went to Marge McDonald's - Hugh Donovan's wedding. A nice affair at the Officer's Club at Moffet. Nice that they found each other!

Speaking of Moffet - Royce is much better. The chemotherapy for the leukemia seems to be working. Ruth retired from K-Mart.

MaryAnn also is fine - as far as she knows - feels OK, anyway. Has had many chemo treatments - none bothered her - has now finished 5 weeks of daily radiation - none bothered here - now will have an implant & be hospitalized 2 days - then 4 more mos. of chemo. Sure hope it takes care of it!! Sally also seems OK - is just praying no more melanomas! Came back to school 1st week of Nov. Dorothy is still not well - has good & bad days - hopes - or wishes she can come back 2nd semester. I help Sally with Rdg. Mon & Wed. & MaryAnn Tues & Thurs - so I go to school 4 mornings - for 7-8 hrs a week. It's fun for me & great for them since they have no aides this yr. Dad goes MT&Th - when it's not raining - for noon league activities, & then takes care of P.E. for Cleda Decker's 4th graders.

We're close to being finished w/ Christmas shopping - soon I'll start wrapping. Sat. the VanDeGroenekan boys helped Dad put up the outside lights, & cleaned the gutters. We've bought our tree, & will put it up Sat or Sun. Leif and Amy are coming to help. I don't know who would put up the lights if Leif wasn't here!!! And who should put up the Wise Men above the piano??!! We will miss you - I'm teary eyed now thinking of it! But I know you're having a wonderful time.

We're hoping our little box of stuff is there by now. We sent it surface mail, about the middle of Oct. It will be fun to hear from you about a Norwegian Christmas! Hope you call from Joran & Rolf's. I don't know yet how we'll have Christmas this year - I haven't talked to Elin & Leif about it. I wonder if I'll get ambitious enough to make vinaterta! If I do, - hope it will be as good as yours!! I'm going to make a bit of lefse, like last year. I was proud it turned out well then - hope I do as well this year!

Hey! - poor you - eating meat after all these years, & eating something yukky like mutton! I remember we had it a lot when I was little - it tasted wooly - & was not the tenderest meat! Next time, try some veal, or a lamb chop, or something. It was certainly only polite & right that you did what you did at Kaldakinn, though! Good Boy!

Julie is expecting another child in June. Betsy went into hosp. last week to begin breast reconstruction - & to have some tests to determine whether her back problems are from vertebrae or? - hoping the cancer hasn't spread there! I haven't heard. Harriette had 13 for Thanksgiving - M, F, Betsey & Mike & their kids, Sally & Jay, Stef & Anne. We were invited to Freda & Joe's, Leif & Amy, E, J, Bj & Jon, & Mike, too. Joe cooked most of the dinner. I made some appetizers & Elin made pie. I bought 10 more lbs. fresh almonds from Loretta Miguelgarry (Dad's bowling friends). Her parents live near Tracy or some place & they go up to see them often, & bought them there for only 90¢ a lb! I'm sure I'll still have some in the freezer when you return home.

We have a MOUSE in the left lower corner cupboard. Isn't that exciting news? I bought some D-Con at the store today, & Dad will take things out of the cupboard & clean it out for me. I think we'll put the food into clean old coffe cans to protect it!

Victor pruned the roses and fuschia in front already & it's been looking so bare & empty. A couple of weeks ago, we put in pansies, snapdragons & sweet williams, so it will have some color! We also planted the tulip bulbs Sally brought us, some daffodil & narcissus bulbs I bought, & a bunch of bulbs Victor had...

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