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Sunday 12-16

Thinking of you
and wishing you
a Christmas
bright with happiness.


I'm making this a quickie before I retire for the evening. I hope it gets to you and finds you well. 'Twas a cold clear day in December today. I wore my vest all day long. Perhaps I should take up running again. Biking to work is turning my fingers numb - even with gloves. I think I'm becoming a woosey.

The Good Times did a special feature on us, Jon - The Nerd Factor. It talked about us socially inept, fashion retarded people who are “no fun”. I'll save the article for you. Well, there are now 700 less nerds in Santa Cruz as Synertek folded.

Now for the good news: I have a weeks vacation - whoopie. I've decided to go see my sister, niece, and nephew in Arizona with of my parents. I will leave this friday.

I miss our conversations and dialogues into the night - with an occasionaly movie review. When are you coming back? I've taken up reading for an evening pasttime. Read Sounding by Hank Searles - great! Reading Far From the Madding Crowd now. Makes me feel like being in high school again.

Big family news - my younger brother is getting married - April or thereabouts. Wedding's going to be in San Jose somewhere. I think you met him and his girlfriend one day at Felt Street when we were making milkshakes ... Remember?

Is the winter cold taking the fun out of travelling? Do you get icicles in your mustache? I hope you are faring well, and that you bring in the new year in a jolly-well festive manner.


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