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[[ Excerpts from notes in journal ]]

Going Away Party

People who came to the going away party:

Karen, Norman, Elin

Jon, Bruce, Jim, Ann

Bruce, Ann, Loretta

Various travel related gifts were given. Leif gave me some colored drawing pencils and a drawing pad.

Karen shared about her long trip when she was 19. Norman said, “When I was 19 I was a nerd.”

Jim sat with Dad with the same generous sympathetic attention as when I graduated. He said that my pack (an earlier gift from Alan) would carry as much as I would want to carry. He also offered that during an extended trip one's lifestyle changes. On shorter trips you're always “leaning” towards home.

Goodbyes and hugs from everyone - including Jim who I sensed doesn't hug others too often. I hugged Norman and Karen and said “Take care of each other.” Norman said, “I wish there was someone to take care of you.” I replied, “Yes.” Sat with Mom and Dad a while. Asked if there was anything they wanted to ask or say. Just that I should keep in touch. I said that we had lived together quite happily this summer. (i.e. That we accepted each other - that if they should die while I was gone that we would be at peace with each other) I didn't say what is in parentheses, just implied it.

Seclusion Retreat

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