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[[ Notes to self after an appointment with Baba Hari Dass ]]

How are you? ...
Where do you work? ...
What are you going to do next?
I'm taking a long trip.
Some travel to waste time.
Good question. I have some money saved. I'm between job and school. I have never really travelled the world. I currently have no obligations to a family or a partner.

I'm doing a week of a seclusion retreat before I go.
I hesitate to do the suggested rituals and mantras and offerings.

Ritual is to keep the mind happy.
In the world we do many things to keep the mind busy.
Is it only to keep the mind happy?
Isn't it worship, too?
Worship of a form because God has no form.
You are a mathematician.
You understand the idea of a symbol.
Why are you travelling?
To see the world, perhaps to run away, to ...
In travelling many emotions come up. You can see what is hidden inside.
Why are you single?
Do your parents ask?
I told him about S. He nodded, wrote:
She is afraid of men.
I told him we met at school, became closer, she ran away. She asked for my friendship, ran away again.
She has done that in many things.
Told him about M. No romantic involvement.
Sometimes in the world you have to push your way.
What about other people's feelings?
Others push their way and you are left standing.
Be brave? Have a pure intent?
Do you often ask why people are single?
There is some reason.

I get the feeling that he comes from a very happy place.
He is so accepting of others because he accepts himself so completely.

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