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May 9th, 2000

Dear Jon

Better late than never! I have started writing a letter time after time but given in because I'm completely out of practice. I have not written a word in English since far back in last century. My eyes and my memory are not so good any longer. We appreciated very much receiving a letter from you, but was very, very sorry to learn that you have both lost your father and your brother. It must have been a shock for you.

We remember both your parents as very kind people and we got good contact especially with your father when we met first time up in Grand Forks. And the car tour across the continent was a great experience in our lives. We were on the same level with the same humour.

We continued to correspond but little by little the letters got fewer and shorter ...

I learned that you have inherited much of your father's humour both in your letter and in your web. We have been in contact with your internet web. Jøren's cousin in Oslo has a son who lives here in Kongsberg. He works here as a software engineer like you, and has all necessary equipment to get access to internet at home. And he has helped us. He and his family is the closest family we have in Kongsberg. They moved here about ten years ago and we are often together. Therefore, I have your front web page and the page with photos of cousin Karla and you on the writing desk. Karla who? We know only one Karla and that's the daughter of Debby Weiss, Wisc. Is this her?

As to our health it is up and down. Jøran had a serious surgery on her small intestine about one year and I have to live with my heart attack from four years back.

I hope you understand this higgledy piggledy of words.

Be well!

Jøren and Rolf

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