Jon Gregor Bjornstad

2307 Shire Lane Davis, CA 95616


A position in software development in an open and creative environment.


I offer an extensive background in software development distinguished by productivity, creativity and elegance of design. Proven expertise in test driven development, dynamic web pages, customized database applications, graphical groupware, and software tools. Skilled in communication with technical as well as non-technical people. Excellent documentation. Follows industry standards. Experience on Linux and Windows.

Languages and GUIs

Primary Language Perl
Known Technologies Catalyst, DBIx::Class, Moose, GD, YAML, JSON, HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX, SOAP::Lite, CGI, SQL, Tk, XML::Parser, HTTP::Request, MD5::Digest, ImageMagick, JPEG compression, X10, POP3, Mail::Sendmail, SMTP, Net::FTP, Win32::OLE
FamiliarRuby/Rails, PHP

Development Experience

Formal Education

BA Mathematics UC at Santa Cruz graduated with honors
MA Mathematics U of Maryland NSF Fellowship, algebraic topology
BA Biology UC at Santa Cruz