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Tall Tomato Plants:
Indeterminate Tomatoes

These plants can grow 6-12 feet or more and produce throughout the season. Most are open-pollinated and you can save seeds (except the F1 varieties, which are hybrids).
RL = regular leaf
PL = potato leaf
DTM = days to maturity, from transplanting to first ripe tomato. Always an estimate, useful mostly to compare different varieties. Tomatofest defines them as follows: Click on info/pic links for more information and pictures.

Aunt Ginny’s Purple15 seedlings

79 days. Indet. Productive, big, vigorous, PL. Deep-pink, juicy, 16 oz. tomatoes. info/pic

Brad’s Atomic Grape10 seedlings

75 days. Indet. Wispy foliage. Productive. Grape to small plum size. Lavender-purple striped when immature, turning to green, red / brown with blue stripes when fully ripe. Interior is green with blushed red when extra ripe. Delicately sweet. Holds well on vine and post harvest. info/pic

Coeur de Surpriz4 seedlings

Midseason. Indet. RL. Brick red with prominent green stripes. Interior green and pink bicolor, 4-6 oz. sweet hearts. info/pic

Green Gables11 seedlings

mid-late. Indet. PL. Vigorous, productive, sweet and fruity, 5-10 oz. green when ripe (GWR). Does well in Davis. info/pic

Green Vernissage1 seedling

65-75 days. Indet. RL. Productive, pale green with dark green stripes, sweet 2-3 oz saladette. info/pic

Lucky Agi F1 (was Bellota)2 seedlings

Hybrid. Indet. Large cherry to saladette, oval orange-green fruits. Great flavor and extended shelf-life. Vigorous, productive, disease resistant. Bred by Fred Hempel in Sunol. info/pic

Pervaya Lyubov (First Love)4 seedlings

80 days. Indet. PL. Pink, 3-7 oz., flattened and lobed, robust flavor. info/pic

Pink Princess1 seedling

62 days. Indet. Rampant, a recessive pink-fruited sport of Honeydrop. Large and early for a cherry tomato. info/pic

Pocket Star4 seedlings

74 days. Indet. Green-when-ripe 1" round cherry tomato with little flecks of gold around its crown. Sweet balance that moves into complex full tomato flavor. Named for the sci-fi novel Stars In My Pocket Like Grains of Sand. Fruit begins to show a slight golden yellow at the base when ready for harvest. info/pic

Polaris8 seedlings

75 days. Indet. Deep burgundy with a velvety soft core, 10-12 oz. flattened beefsteaks. PL. Vigorous, productive, relatively early. Firm and meaty sandwich tomato with rich, complex flavor. Bred by Karen Olivier in Canada. info/pic

Pruden’s Purple8 seedlings

67-72 days. Indet. PL. Dark pink skin and crimson flesh. Exceptionally early for a large tomato, 8-16 oz. Firm, meaty sandwich tomato with wonderful flavor. info/pic

Purple Brandy
(aka Purple Brandywine or Marizol Bratka)7 seedlings

75 days. Indet. PL. Darker pink to purple. Beefsteaks with sweet flavor. info/pic

Rose de Berne12 seedlings

75 days. Indet. Pink, 4-6 oz. Late Blight tolerance. The most consistent tomato I’ve ever grown in a variety of conditions. info/pic

Shorter Tomato Plants:
Determinate, Dwarf, and Compact Indeterminate Tomatoes     

These varieties are up to 5' high. Typically, determinate tomatoes are shorter and produce all at once — good for processing — although I’ve grown determinates that, in our climate, are productive all summer. Indeterminates continue producing throughout the season. Dwarf tomatoes usually have stocky stems and rugose (more crinkly) leaves. Many dwarf indeterminates have been created in the past decade, primarily by gardeners in the U.S. and Australia. See Dwarf Tomato Project.

Coastal Pride Orange2 seedlings

80 days. Dwarf, 3-4' high. Sweet and fruity with plenty of tang. info/pic

Danko2 seedlings

61 days. Determinate. Red fruits, heart-shape, 3-14 oz, good flavor. Russian variety. info/pic

Dwarf Arctic Rose2 seedlings

60 days. Dwarf. 2-3' high. Heavy crop of 2-5 oz pink fruits. info/pic

Dwarf Jade Beauty4 seedlings

85 days. Dwarf, 4' high. Sweet, round, 2-5 oz., green when ripe. Hint of pink blush on blossom end when ripe. info/pic

Dwarf Kelly Green5 seedlings

75 days. Dwarf, 4-5' high. Nearly round, green-fleshed, clear skinned 3-6 oz. fruit with well-balanced, full, and delicious flavor. Disease tolerant and prolific. info/pic

Dwarf Red Heart2 seedlings

70 days. Dwarf, 2.5' high. Prolific 4-6 oz bright red hearts. Delicious rich taste. info/pic

Early Wonder Pink3 seedlings

75-80 days. Determinate. Smooth flesh, excellent sweet/tart balance. Russian heirloom. info/pic

EM Champion4 seedlings

Early. Sprawling determinate, 3′ tall. Wispy RL foliage. High yields of 6-12 oz. red fruits, hearts to slightly ribbed/ruffled. Delicious balanced flavor, meaty flesh. info/pic

Heidi8 seedlings

75 days. Short, wide, bushy, RL compact indeterminate. Prolific 2.5", 3-4 oz. bright-red plums with thick walls, meaty flesh, rich flavor. Long season, paste or canning, good raw. From Cameroon. info/pic

Komohana Grape3 seedlings

60 days. Determinate, 3' high. Red grape with firm flesh and balanced sweetness. Good for drying. info/pic

Lady Fingers (Damskye Palchiki)2 seedlings

75-85 days. Determinate, tall and vigorous. RL. Red plums, 2-4 oz., excellent sweet flavor, cold tolerant. info/pic

Nistru4 seedlings

Determinate. Productive, slightly pink paste tomato from Moldova named for the Dniester River. Makes great sauce, paste, or juice, but also good fresh. info/pic

Rio Grande9 seedlings

75-80 days. Determinate, 4-5' high. Tolerates hot days, cold nights. Red blocky plum/pear paste, 3-8 oz.? info/pic

Rosella Crimson6 seedlings

78 days. Dwarf, 4' high. Oblate 4-12 oz. pink, excellent to outstanding flavor. Vigorous and productive. info/pic

Saraev Vesennie Zamorozki (“Saraev Spring Frosts”)1 seedling

Early. Determinate, 2-3' high. RL flat-round red up to 7-9 oz. Productive. Sweet and juicy. Cold-tolerant.

Strelka (“Arrow”)1 seedling

Determinate to 2' high. 80 days. Red, finger-shape, dense, clustered, 3-4 oz. Delicious. Ideal for canning. Disease resistant, prolific, short, and sprawling. info/pic

Sweet Scarlet Dwarf2 seedlings

90 days. Dwarf. Oblate scarlet red 6-16 oz. tomatoes with intense, delicious, perfectly balanced flavors. info/pic

Uluru Ochre4 seedlings

65 days. Dwarf. Prolific and vigorous, to 4' high. Oblate 6-12 oz. uniquely colored "black/orange”: orange flesh with green overtones, and somewhat amber/orange/green. Flavor variable season to season, but at best, an absolutely delicious, smokey flavor. info/pic

Wuhib2 seedlings

Late. Determinate, bushy 18-22" tall and 2-3' wide. Produces all at once. Red, 2-4 oz. paste/plum, thick skin, less juice. Sweet initially, finishes smooth on palate. From Ethiopia. info/pic

Zolotoe Serdtse (“Gold Heart” or “Heart of Gold”)24 seedlings

75 days, Compact RL indeterminate. Prolific 3-8 oz, golden-orange elongated hearts. From Russia. info/pic

Micro Tomatoes     

Can grow in a 0.5 to 1 gallon pot. Most are under 1' tall and produce cherry-size tomatoes. Really more of a novelty that can be grown on a sunny windowsill for a very early crop! You may be able to get a second, smaller crop if you feed and water after the first flush of fruit. Save seeds from any of these — all open-pollinated.

Aztek10 seedlings

65-70 days. Grows 8-10″ tall in 1 gallon pot (large cherry) or 16″ tall in large pot (cocktail size). Pale milky jade when unripe and bright canary yellow when ripe, with pointed end. Robust fruit setter. From Czechoslovakia. Sweet, juicy, firm, good balance. info/pic

Birdie Rouge1 seedling

50 days. From the Netherlands. Grows 8-12" high, red cherries. Tender skin! Tolerates hot and dry conditions well. Good production. Mild, balanced, juicy. info/pic

Black Patio1 seedling

blue w/red belly

Bonsai1 seedling

red, 10-13" tall. Russian variety. info/pic

Jochalos2 seedlings

55 days. From Bolivia. Small fruits in clusters of 5-7, mature from palest lemon yellow to rich golden yellow. Balance of intense sweet and tanginess. Grows 4-8" tall, sprawling. info/pic

Mohamed3 seedlings

72 days. Productive and tasty. Sweetish, juicy, forward, satisfying. Grow 7" tall in 1 gallon pots and so loaded they needed early staking with chopsticks. info/pic

Monetka (“Coin”)1 seedling

very early, yellow 10-12" tall. info/pic

Pinocchio2 seedlings

70 days. Cherry red (or orange?), strong tomatoey flavor. Decrease watering as the fruits ripen for better flavor. In 1 gallon pot, grows 7" and sends out suckers. info/pic

Premus1 seedling

Ultra early. 14-16" tall, heavy set of 2" red slicers with balanced flavor over extended period. info/pic

Red Robin 1 seedling

50-55 days. 8-12" tall. Does well in heat. 1.25" red cherries, sweet. info/pic

Sirja’s Love1 seedling

55-85 days. From Romania. Egg-shape yellow cherry 1" round, 0.5 oz. Grows 12-18" tall or in hanging basket. info/pic

Totem1 seedling

60-68 days. Does exceptionally well in hot humid weather. Productive, to 12-24" tall, red 2" cherry. maybe: info/pic

Whippersnapper1 seedling

extra early 45 days, pink cherry/plum, hanging basket or 10" pot, huge producer. info/pic

Yellow Canary1 seedling

yellow, 10-13" tall. info/pic


I dried and ground poblano/ancho peppers for the first time last year, so this year I’m trying a bunch of paprika varieties. Plant 18"-24" apart with a stake or small tomato cage; productive plants can fall over from the weight of the peppers! Most peppers do well in containers.

Ashe County Pimento2 seedlings

52 days. Sweet, bright red, thick-fleshed pimento pepper, 4" x 1.5". Small plants, 2'-2.5' high. info/pic

Biquinho Red3 seedlings

75 days to red. Decorative!! Beautiful 1" “little beak” (C. chinense) from Brazil. Crunchy teardrop shaped fruits with flavor described as fruity, tangy, and smoky, with a bit of heat. Traditionally pickled. Up to 3' high. (Last year, one of my plants produced tiny, hotter peppers.) info/pic

Buena Mulata3 seedlings

75-80 days. Thin cayenne type, 4-5" long. Changes from purple to salmon and orange, then red. Prolific. info/pic

Chablis F12 seedlings

60 days. Hybrid. Thick-walled, supersweet, 4" x 3" blocky fruits ripen from ivory becoming pinkish-red, then reddish-orange and finally deep scarlet. Up to 1.5'-2' high. Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus and Bacterial Leaf Spot. info/pic

Chocolate4 seedlings

75 days. Medium size elongated bell shape. (The seeds came to me in a seed swap labeled “chocolate/ sweet pepper” so can be either one :) info/pic or info/pic

Corbaci2 seedlings

75 days. Long, thin 10-12" sweet peppers, often curled at the ends, productive. Colors change from light green to yellow and finally to bright red. From Turkey. info/pic

Dulce Mediterraneo5 seedlings

10" long, thick-fleshed sweet peppers maturing from green to red.

Golden Marconi2 seedlings

80-90 days. Sweet Italian roasting pepper, very flavorful raw. The 6"-10" long, 3" wide peppers start out green and ripen to yellow. Up to 3' high. info/pic

Greg’s Hungarian 1 seedling

Early. Cone shaped sweet pepper, medium to large-size, starts yellow and ripens to red. info/pic and info/pic

Habanada4 seedlings

100 days (70 days to green). All the floral and melonlike sweetness of the habanero, minus the burn. Orange, tapered, 2-3" long. C. chinense. info/pic

Hungarian Cheese2 seedlings

66 days. Hybrid mix of yellow, orange, and red peppers. Slightly flattened, round fruits with unusually thick walls. info/pic

Karlo2 seedlings

70 days. Semihot and semisweet for perfectly balanced homemade paprika. Thick-walled light yellow to red, pointed, 3.5 - 5" fruits. info/pic

Lesya3 seedlings

100 days. Very sweet, thick-walled, heart shaped pepper. Stocky plant, 2' high. Ukrainian variety. info/pic

Poblano20 seedlings

75 days. Cone shaped 3-6" long peppers with mild heat (2000 scovilles). used green or red; called “ancho” when dried. I saved seeds from last year’s crop. Productive for long season until frost. info/pic

White Hungarian4 seedlings

Very sweet, creamy, white turning to almost red, heart shaped, edible at any stage. Seeds received in a swap.


I grew 15 varieties last year (see page 14 of The Yolo Gardener) and reduced the number to 12 varieties this year (5 repeats). Green Dragon was one of my favorites, and I’m trying several more green varieties this year. Most of these get 2-4' high. Plant at least 18" apart with a stake or small tomato cage. Most eggplants do well in containers. To prevent damage from flea beetles, either sprinkle with diatomaceous earth (undersides of leaves especially) or plant a trap crop such as radishes a couple weeks in advance.

Apple Green6 seedlings

70 days, small (2-4") green eggplant. info/pic

Chinese String1 seedling

lavender-violet, very thin and 10-15" long, productive, sweet. info/pic

Galine F12 seedlings

72 days. Dependable dark purple traditional oval fruit up to 1 lb. Hybrid. info/pic

Green Dragon3 seedlings

early, sweet green oblong fruit. Chinese variety.

Kamo1 seedling

65 days. Sweet purple-black round, up to 8 oz., Japanese variety. info/pic

Louisiana Green Oblong1 seedling

sweet green oblong fruit. [from a seed swap]

Matrosik1 seedling

late to midseason. Oblong, purple with white stripes, productive. Ukrainian variety. info/pic

Mitoyo2 seedlings

Black-purple, oval to teardrop shape, sweet. Japanese variety. info/pic

Nadia F14 seedlings

67 days. Classic purple-black Italian eggplant shape, 6-7", productive. Hybrid. info/pic

Ping Tung3 seedlings

62 days. Deep lavender, up to 2" wide and 11" long. Taiwanese variety. info/pic

Prosperosa3 seedlings

75 days. Deep purple 4-5" round with cream color at pleated top. Italian variety. info/pic


Plant after nighttime temperatures are 50F or above. Keep flower buds pinched off to extend harvesting.

Windowbox Mini Basil27 seedlings

Rounded 8-10" plants with 0.5" leaves. Harvest sprays of little leaves after plants have filled out to form neat umbrella shapes. Plant at least 6-8" apart as edging for flower/herb beds, or plant in pots at least 6" in diameter per plant. info/pic

Lettuce Leaf Basil4 seedlings

Large leaves. Plant 12" apart. info/pic