May 9, 1999

Hi All,

This will be brief.

The only medical news today was that Leif had an elevated temperature of 102-103 which is above the place where a fever is benefical apparently so the nurses were trying to lower it with the cooling blanket and tylenol. A fever also speeds up the metabolism and this increases the body's need for oxygen which in Leif's state is not a good thing.

Fever is created by the body to help combat infections. Yet there is a price. It is a delicate compromise.

A friend told me of a process called hyperbaric oxygen and I left a note asking the doctors where this might fit in to Leif's treatment. I will know tomorrow.

Today was a social day for me.

I first visited Leif at hospital and sat with Amy there for a little watching hockey on TV that Amy thought Leif would enjoy although he much prefers golf. Golf is a tad less violent than hockey.

I left to see Dad and watched the end of the hockey game. I then asked Dad if he would like to go with me to Mom's gravesite and bring some flowers to observe Mother's Day. He was ensconced in bed and declined so I went alone and brought some flowers from my front yard (which is in dire need of weeding).

Then I went over to Amy's parents Linda and Marvin and played with Amanda and her friend Emily. We had fun. Those 8 year old girls were very very giggly. They laughed at my jokes and called me fuzzface and poopoohead. We had ice cream and cake or rather cake and ice cream for a treat and sang Happy Birthday to Amanda's grandfather. Then the girls and I played pitch and hit and run and retrieve. They hit the ball really well!

We went over to Amy and Leif's house to drop Amanda off and for me to deliver some chocolate to Amy for Mother's Day.

I returned to Santa Cruz and had a nice dinner with a friend Vivienne and her son Sean.

So, we will see what tomorrow brings.