May 7, 1999 (from cousin Susan)

Dear all,

Or as an Islander would say, Kondesile elskin! Leif is in our thought and prayers as well. I also have had dreams of him, and God willing, I am dreaming of a complete recovery for him. Let's bank on him garnishing on some of his strong Icelandic/Swede stubbornness blood in him, to help him win this fight.

Some basic ICU thoughts come to mind. Time moves slowly, but it's on our side. Every tiny improvement is a leap for Leif. Prayer for sure is an interracial part of his recovery. Talk to Leif, tell him old stories," if the nurse says it's OK " Bring in his favorite music or soothing music. It will help, and it will help make the nurses feel comfortable. It's hard to see him sedated, but this is much needed when he's in such critical condition. Leif won't remember much of this at all, but I 'm sure we'll all tell him about it.

Get some sleep, share the load, take turns and keep the faith.

Keep the e-mail info. coming. I would love to talk to you, one and all, if you feel I can be of some help. I feel the need to pull tighter together as a family, share our worries, and draw strength from one another. Please call when you can. 651-770-9703

With love and concern, may God be with you,

Sue "Olafson" Lizakowski