May 6, 1999

Hello All,

Today began with some encouraging news. I called Elin to check in with her and she had called the hospital and heard that the ventilator had been turned back to 80% oxygen and Leif's body was able to maintain the level in the blood. His blood pressure is under control now without medication. He is running a fever of 102 now which is an indicator that there is an active infection somewhere - they suspect one of the entry points of the IVs and are keeping close watch on those.

So some good news and that sends our hopes soaring for his recovery. He does still have a very long way to go but this bit of news helps.

When I got to the bedside today Amy shared some get well cards that Amanda's 3rd grade class (Mom taught 3rd grade for many many years) had made for Leif. Very sweet. Hand made cards (not computer generated nor store bought) that had flowers and trees and rainbows and different coloring of letters in "Mr. Bjornstad" (hmmmm I have never thought of Leif as Mr. Bjornstad but I guess he is! Hey... I am too !) Beautiful cursive and inventive spelling. I hope you fell beter. Get Well Soon, Mr Bjornstad. I am sorry you hurt your arm. I know that families sometimes have accidents. We know that you want to go home.

Leif was moved to a very special bed a few days ago. Dynamic Air Therapy Bed - with automatic rotation from side to side and up and down and percussive and vibrational modes to keep the secretions from settling. When I first saw it I thought it looked REAL COMFY.

Keep Leif in your thoughts and prayers as you go about your days. Pray for health and recovery and also for his peace regardless of outcome. We all need prayers for peace.


P.S. As I was walking from the hospital back to my car the person in front of me stopped to look at a mother duck and 10 or 12 ducklings walking through the parking lot to a patch of shade and ivy. Gracious.... what are they doing here? Are they safe? I looked around and the business right there was a Pet Hospital! that treated cats, dogs and birds. So I asked inside about the ducklings and she said that there was a pond in the park across the street and some water behind hospital and that sometimes they made there way here. So that was a special treat that added to my day.