May 14, 1999

Hello Everyone,

Today I woke early and called relatives in North Dakota and Minnesota to inform them of Leif's death. Then I went to see Dad around 8:30. I wrote to him:

Leif died last night around 9:30. His lungs could not sustain the body. I was with him at the end. So was Amy and cousin Roger and Joanne.

It is often very hard to know what he is feeling (actually it is hard to know what ANYONE is feeling!) but I saw surprise and sadness. He said simply, "It's sad". He later offered to help Amy financially and in truth this is the only way he CAN help. I assured him that it would be a BIG help.

Dad had some pictures of our family including several of Leif and I took them to share with others. I did not tell the housekeepers about Leif as I thought Dad would like to tell them. They reported later that he was near tears as he shared the news.

I let Dad know that I would be back to watch the hockey game later in the afternoon and left to make a few calls and be with Amy and Elin and Joe. We made plans for the memorial service.

Amy said that she wanted Leif to be cremated after a viewing at the service. I called Lima Family Mortuary and made an appointment. We spoke with a most compassionate fellow there and he helped us through the process. The service will be conducted by Pastor Werfelman of Hope Lutheran Church. Time and place:

Monday May 17, 7:00 pm

Lima Family Mortuary
4626 Winchester Blvd
San Jose

Elin had the great idea to set up a scholarship fund for Amanda where donations could sent in memory of Leif. Send them to:
attn: Tom Nieman
Paine Webber
50 W. San Fernando 8th floor
San Jose, CA
I guess checks would be made payable to: "Amanda Bjornstad Scholarship Fund".

More to share but I'm all tuckered out.
Thank you all for your expressions of support,
Continue to pray for peace,