May 13, 1999

Hello Everyone,

Please continue your prayers for Leif's peace and for his release. And continue prayers for his wife Amy and his daughter Amanda. And for his brother Jon and sister Elin and father Allan.

Leif died this evening around 9:15. Amy and I and cousin Roger and Joanne were there with him as he passed on into the mystery.

His lungs finally could do no more and the ventilator could be adjusted no higher without making things worse and the blood oxygen levels continued to plummet and finally the blood pressure began to be effected and we knew the end of Leif's life was near. This whole sequence was the end result of the toxic effects of the virulent infection that began two weeks ago.

The doctors sensed that the downward trend was coming. This afternoon Elin and Joe came down to be with Leif on the doctor's advice. It was comforting to have all of us together.

Once the downward process began it went very quickly - no more than 2 hours. Leif had been heavily sedated ever since the surgery two Saturdays ago so he did not die in pain.

I am trying my best to focus on the constants that are not effected by death. And I am doing my best to keep breathing - when the emotions are so strong I tend to forget to breathe.

Today I sat by Leif's bedside and read him the sports page - a great story about his favorite team the Giants who lost a game in the 12th inning yet played very well.

I will continue to send reports as plans are made for the funeral service.

May God bless his soul and keep him safe,