Pictures of the places near the accident scene.

Click on the pictures to see a larger version.

The EA (Electronic Arts) pathway. A beautiful tree-lined royal road. Who would not enjoy riding their bike down it? Why would anyone get off their bike and walk it, instead?

Coming to the end of the pathway - approaching the sidewalk along Redwood Shores Parkway.

Approaching the crosswalk. Note that I could not yet have gotten on the bike lane at the right edge of Redwood Shores Parkway.

Note the "Towers @ Shores Center" sign that obscures the driver's view of whatever is coming down the sidewalk or the road.

It was just here when I saw a car approaching the crosswalk. There is a stop sign before the crosswalk. It was here that I assumed the driver would stop. I proceeded into the crosswalk.
Bad idea! Bad assumption!

Note how faded the paint is. It certainly could use refreshing, yes?

Note how the stop sign is not a full size stop sign. Does this mean that it is less important to stop??

A driver's view to the left approaching the crosswalk. The sign does obscure the sidewalk further down. There is, however, a clear view if the driver slows and stops at the stop sign.

Here is the sidewalk on the other side of the crosswalk. Note how inviting it is. Would you, instead, choose to ride right next to the iron monsters on the road in the bike lane? It becomes even more dangerous for cyclists further on when the road crosses over highway 101.

Further down the road. The bike lane is dangerously between two car lanes.

Further down towards highway 101. Would you prefer to be between the iron monsters or would you rather ride on the sidewalk?

Here there are two lanes to the right and two lanes to the left of the bike lane. Not a safe place to be. It is much much safer for a bicyclist to ride down the sidewalk, use crosswalk to move over to the other side of the road, and ride on the sidewalk over 101 on the left hand side of the road.

The little sign says "BEGIN RIGHT TURN LANE  YIELD TO BIKES". Would you trust the cars to observe that properly?