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Although it began over 30 years ago, the TV show All in the Family dealt with many issues still being covered in the news and entertainment today. From lay-off fears and unemployment to race relations and politics, the Bunkers lived on TV what real-life families were, and still are, going through week after week. Below are the episodes, a description and a link to YouTube where you can enjoy one of the most influential sitcoms of all time on your entertainment center, IPod or smartphone.

Season 1: Spring 1971 13 episodes To the Top

# Airdate Title Overview
1 1/12/71 Meet the Bunkers The title of the episode says it all, and sets the tone for the next decade. Archie (Carroll O'Connor) and Edith (Jean Stapleton) return home from church to find their daughter and son-in-law, Gloria (Sally Struthers) and Mike (Rob Reiner), have planned a surprise party. However, the proceedings break down into an argument between Archie and the "Meathead."
2 1/19/71 Writing the President Archie learns Mike has written President Nixon a letter critical of his policies. So, Archie takes pen in hand and decides to praise Nixon ... and to ignore the Meathead's letter as nonsense.
3 1/26/71 Oh, My Aching Back Archie is involved in a minor car accident but escapes injury. Just then, Lionel drops by with the family's dry cleaning. Seems his father recently opened a dry cleaning store with the settlement they received from their car accident. This gives Archie an idea ... and a sudden back injury. He hires a Jewish attorney to represent him, but it soon becomes clear that Archie has no claim.

Establishes George Jefferson's ownership of the Jefferson Dry Cleaners franchise.

4 2/2/71 Archie Gives Blood Archie balks at the idea of giving blood, particularly since a radical liberal might be the recipient.
5 2/9/71 Judging Books by Covers Archie gets into an argument with Mike over one of his friends, whose clothing and demeanor are rather foppish. Archie says that the guy must be a homosexual. But for as weird as the man is, he's not gay. However, Archie's in for quite a surprise when one of his drinking buddies, an ex-football player, reveals he's gay.

Guest stars: Anthony Geary (Luke Spencer from General Hospital) and Philip Carey (Asa Buchanan from One Life to Live)

6 2/16/71 Gloria Has a Belly Full Archie hits the roof when he learns unemployed Mike got Gloria pregnant. The two get into another argument, prompting Archie to storm out. Eventually, Archie has a change of heart and buys his grandchild a big stuffed panda ... only to learn that Gloria became suddenly ill and suffered a miscarriage.
7 2/23/71 Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit Despite Archie's objections, Mike invites his friends - an unmarried hippie couple - to spend the night in the Bunkers' living room. Eventually, their carrying on causes them to wear out their welcome even with Mike and Gloria.
8 3/2/71 Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood Archie learns that Mike's friend, Lionel Jefferson, is moving into the house next door with his family. Archie leads an effort to buy back the house, but unwittingly tells Lionel his plans.

Goof: Lionel, explaining that his family is moving in next door, lists them as "my mother, my father, my aunt and me." However, subsequent episodes would establish that his uncle, not his aunt who would live with them.

This episode marks the first appearance of Isabel Sanford as Louise Jefferson; Vincent Gardenia appears as neighbor Jim Bowman. He would later play couple-swapper Curtis Rempley (along with Rue McClanahan), in a 1972 episode, and would have a recurring role as neighbor Frank Lorenzo during the 1973-74 season.

9 3/9/71 Edith Has Jury Duty Edith is the lone holdout on a jury charged with determining the fate of a murder trial defendant, much to Archie's chagrin since he refuses to take care of himself during Edith's absence.
10 3/16/71 Archie is Worried About His Job It's a sleepless night for the Bunkers, since Archie is worried about possible layoffs at the loading dock.
11 3/23/71 Gloria Discovers Women's Lib Gloria and Mike quarrel over the concept of equal partners in their marriage.
12 3/30/71 Success Story Archie gathers his old Army buddies to help their former comrade celebrate his success in the used car trade. But at what price has Archie's friend achieved his success?

Future Kojak star, George Savalas, guest stars in this episode.

13 4/6/71 The First and Last Supper Edith accepts an invitation for the Bunkers to have supper at the Jeffersons. Archie objects, and eventually, everyone settles on having supper at the Bunkers. But then, George Jefferson refuses to show up, sending his brother Henry in his place. It all leads to another high-pitched argument involving Archie.

Season 2: 1971-1972 24 episodes To the Top

# Airdate Title Overview
14 9/18/71 The Saga of Cousin Oscar Archie's freeloading cousin, Oscar, comes to stay with the Bunkers. Just as he's eating the Bunkers out of house and home, Oscar (who is never seen on camera) unexpectedly passes away. Archie and Mike are left to ponder their options on what to do with Oscar's body - have a funeral or simply have it disposed of in a potter's field.
15 9/25/71 Gloria Poses in the Nude Mike is less than thrilled when he learns his artist friend (guest star, David Soul) wants to paint Gloria au natural.
16 10/2/71 Archie and the Lock-up Archie finds himself in jail along with the people he despises the most - the Pinkos, the commies and the hippies. It's all because he got mixed in with a mob planning an anti-war protest Mike and Lionel had planned to attend, and an ugly confrontation with police was imminent.

Allan Melvin appears, playing police sergeant Paul Pulaski; he would later have a recurring role as Archie's best friend Barney Hefner, from 1972 onward.

17 10/9/71 Edith Writes a Song The Bunkers and Stivics arrive home and are greeted by burglars who are trying to elude the authorities. The Bunkers and the bad guys end up arguing over how the family's cash reserves should be spent: give it to the crooks, use it to buy an effective alarm system, or to sell Edith's new song.

Cleavon Little (from Blazing Saddles) and Demond Wilson, who would later co-star in Sanford and Son -- another Norman Lear creation, guest star in this episode.

18 10/16/71 Flashback: Mike Meets Archie The Bunkers and Stivics recall the tempestuous first meeting between Archie and Mike.
19 10/30/71 The Election Story Archie and Mike quarrel over who's the best candidate in a local election. In the end, Archie forgets to register to vote.
20 11/6/71 Edith's Accident The famous "Cling Peaches in Heavy Syrup" episode. Due to an accident in a grocery store parking lot, a can from Edith's shopping basket slightly damages someone's car. In her description of the incident at dinner, she is in her finest dingbat form, so much so that Archie insists that she stop using the phrase "cling peaches in heavy syrup", so she substitutes "mmm-mmm". Archie is aghast that Edith left a note on the car, since he didn't want to end up paying for the damage. He really hits the roof when he calls the garage and - posing as an insurance adjuster - learns that the car owner's bill is for $197. Later, the car's owner - a Catholic priest - stops by to settle the matter, and tells Archie the bill for repairing the damage is just $14.

Guest star: Barnard Hughes, who would reprise his role as Father Majeski in episodes 44 and 70.

21 11/13/71 The Blockbuster A corrupt real estate agent (guest star, Thalmus Rasulala), who is black, tempts Archie to sell his home at an inflated price.

Lionel uses the term "Oreo Cookie" to describe the real estate agent to Archie, who as usual does not grasp the meaning. The term would be heard on several shows and movies in the 60's and 70's.

22 11/20/71 Mike's Problem Mike's anxiety over his upcoming exams puts pressure on the Stivic's sex life. So much so, that Mike can't perform in bed. Gloria is left to deal with her husband's (temporary) impotency.
23 11/27/71 The Insurance is Cancelled Archie is enduring quite a bit of stress these days - he is told to reduce his workforce during cutbacks at the loading dock, at the same time he is told his homeowner's insurance policy has been cancelled.
24 12/4/71 The Man in the Street Archie is polled for a "man-on-the-street" question, and it is airing on The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite. Now, if only Archie could find a working television set to see himself being interviewed.

Episode features footage of then CBS White House Correspondent Dan Rather.

25 12/11/71 Cousin Maude's Visit What's worse for flu-ridden Archie than having to endure an equally flu-ridden Mike? A caretaker who backs Mike's liberal viewpoints to a "T." Meet Edith's cousin, Maude.

Introduces the character of Maude Findlay, as enacted by Bea Arthur.

26 12/18/71 Christmas Day at the Bunkers Archie's depressed at Christmas, particularly since he has to find a way to tell his family he didn't get the bonus he expected because his team bungled a work order.
27 1/1/72 The Elevator Story It's Edith's birthday, and the whole family plans to take her out to dinner. Archie makes a quick stop at the insurance agent's office first...but the elevator he is in suddenly stops, trapping him with a black businessman, a ditsy secretary, a Puerto Rican man, and his very pregnant wife. While Mike and Gloria sit with Edith and drink (prompting Edith to retell some odd stories), Archie must swallow his pride as he and the rest of the elevator patrons help to deliver the baby.

Guest stars: Eileen Brennan, Roscoe Lee Browne and Hector Elizondo.

28 1/8/72 Edith's Problem Edith tells Archie to "stifle, stifle, stifle!" when she goes through the early stages of menopause. Archie tries to be understanding, but just wants his wife to have her change of life (in 30 seconds, no less!) so they can get on with their lives as usual.
29 1/15/72 Archie and the FBI During a visit between Archie and his longtime friend/American Legion Post 3201 Commander Larry Grundy (Graham Jarvis), an FBI agent investigates both of them, in which their mutual paranoia causes a rift that may permanently damage the friendship. In this episode Grundy and Archie argue about service medals - Grundy received the Purple Heart medal - after cutting himself on a PX beer can while Archie claims to have a "real" war medal - the Good Conduct Medal! This episode also has a classic line in which Archie defends Mike by telling his friend that Mike may be "stupid" (i.e an anti-Vietnam War protester) but is not a communist!
30 1/22/72 Mike's Mysterious Son Mike's ex-girlfriend shows up, a 4-year-old boy in tow. She tells Edith that Mike is the father and wants him to claim the boy. Wanting to avoid a confrontation, Edith does her best to conceal the boy from Archie, but he sure enough finds out. It isn't long before tempers flare once again.

Guest: Marcia Rodd. Playing the role of the boy's mother In this episode, Rodd would return later in the season as Maude Findlay's daughter, Carol, in the final episode of the season, "Maude."

31 1/29/72 Archie Sees a Mugging Archie witnesses a mugging and doesn't want to appear as a witness. During questioning, he makes up a story about gangsters doing the deed, resulting in a visit to Archie's house by a pair of men Archie believes to be from the Mafia.
32 2/5/72 Archie and Edith, Alone Mike and Gloria take a vacation, leaving viewers to get a closer look at the often uneasy marital relationship between Archie and Edith.
33 2/12/72 Edith Gets a Mink Edith gets a mink cape from her wealthy cousin, and Archie objects, demanding she return it. However when the cape is damaged by the cleaners, Archie does an about-face and schemes to keep the insurance check.
34 2/19/72 Sammy's Visit The episode that quickly became a legend. It all starts when Sammy Davis Jr. leaves a briefcase in Archie's taxicab, and needs to visit the Bunkers to retrieve it. Archie tries to be on his best behavior but winds up being himself. In the moment that made the episode, Sammy decides to pose for a picture with Archie, but kisses him on the cheek just as Munson trips the camera's shutter.

O'Connor and Davis were longtime friends and when Davis expressed an interest in appearing on the show, O'Connor and Lear came up with the idea of having Davis as himself but doing most of his parts in ad lib form to make it more natural. The kiss at the end was O'Connor's idea. The unrestrained laughter was the longest in TV history; it was cut short in the final print to allow Archie to say the last line on screen.

35 2/26/72 Edith the Judge At a coin-operated laundry, Archie breaks one of the machines, and the manager wants to collect damages. Edith reluctantly agrees to arbitrate the grievance lest it wind up in small claims court.
36 3/5/72 Archie is Jealous Archie learns a secret from Edith's deep past between her and an old boyfriend.
37 3/12/72 Maude Edith drags Archie along to Cousin Maude's daughter Carol's wedding in Tuckahoe.

This was the pilot episode for the spinoff series, "Maude." In addition to Bea Arthur as Maude, episode featured Bill Macy as Maude's husband Walter, a role he would resume in the series; Maude's daughter Carol was played by Marcia Rodd, but Adrienne Barbeau took over the role when Maude debuted in 9/1972.

Season 3: 1972-1973 24 episodes To the Top

# Airdate Title Overview
38 9/16/72 Archie and the Editorial Why is gun control so important? It all starts when Archie gives an on-air citizen's rebuttal to a television editorial advocating restrictions on handguns. After enduring Mike's lecture in support of gun control, Archie goes to Kelcy's Bar... where he meets a pair of stickup artists who take all his money.
39 9/23/72 Archie's Fraud Archie doesn't believe it's important to report his income from driving Munson's taxicab, and then doesn't. It isn't long before an IRS agent shows up to audit him. So, Archie decides to come up with a way to wriggle his way out of paying the additional taxes.

The IRS agent whom Archie attempts to bribe is played by James McEachin who would later play Solomon Jackson in Archie the Liberal.

40 9/30/72 The Threat The wife of Archie's old war buddy, Duke Loomis, arrives for a visit. Make that, the second, much younger wife of Archie's old wartime friend. Edith begins to worry when Archie seems a little too cordial with the woman.

Episode features Gloria LeRoy, who would later play Mildred "Boom-Boom" Turner in a few episodes during later seasons.

41 10/7/72 Gloria and the Riddle Gloria's college friend Tammy tells a classic riddle; the solution involves a female doctor. Gloria brings the riddle home, where she stumps Archie -- and, surprisingly, would-be women's lib supporter Mike. When Tammy comes over to work on a project with Gloria, everyone gets involved in a debate over the roles of women in modern society. In the end, it's Edith who solves the riddle.
42 10/14/72 Lionel Steps Out Archie in one of his most racist moments. His 21-year-old niece, whom he hasn't seen in years, visits and strikes up a friendship with Lionel. The two go out on a night on the town, and Archie makes it quite clear he is against the idea of a black man dating a white woman. Lionel, who usually plays along with Archie to expose his bigoted attitudes, isn't in the mood for games this time.
43 10/21/72 The Bunkers and the Swingers In one of the series' classic episodes, Edith is on the search for new friends, and seems to have met the perfect pair through a magazine advertisement. She invites them over to meet Archie, not knowing they're into swinging, wife-swapping style!

Episode featured Rue McLanahan, who would go on to play Maude's best friend Vivian Harmon on AITF spinoff Maude, and Vincent Gardenia, who would go on to play a recurring role of Frank Lorenzo on AITF, the following season.

44 10/28/72 Edith Flips Her Wig Edith is arrested for shoplifting when she absent-mindedly takes a wig from a department store. Archie's attempts to straighten out the problem backfire, as usual.

Father Majeski, from episode 20, appears.

45 11/4/72 Mike Comes into Money When Mike inherits some money, he donates $200 to the George McGovern campaign. Coincidentally, it comes at the same time Archie is demanding $200 from the Meathead for rent, and it results in yet another argument.
46 11/11/72 Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding (Part 1) The Stivics celebrate their second anniversary by recalling how they almost were never married. With their wedding fast approaching, Archie wants the wedding his way, and Mike's Uncle Casmir wants his wedding his way. The two don't budge, and it becomes clear Mike and Gloria's engagement is in trouble.

Part 1 of a two-part episode. The only episode co-written by Rob Reiner.

47 11/18/72 Flashback: Mike and Gloria's Wedding (Part 2) Mike storms out of the house, determined never to return. Archie and Uncle Casmir grudgingly decide to resolve their grievances, and Mike agrees to return. Then comes the big question: Who will marry Mike and Gloria: a judge, a priest, or a minister? Each side's preferences are well known, and it causes everyone to flare up once again. But the wedding eventually does take place.

Part 2 of a two-part episode. The only episode co-written by Rob Reiner.

48 11/25/72 The Locket Archie's scheming mind is once again at work, this time when Edith can't seem to find her heirloom necklace. Archie - with the burning desire to buy a new color entertainment center - wants to quickly give up on the search, so he can report it stolen and collect on the insurance. But before Archie can finalize the claim, an insurance agent needs to ask a few questions.
49 12/2/72 Mike's Appendix Just how good is a female doctor, anyway. That's the battle between Archie and Gloria as they decide who will perform an emergency appendectomy on Mike.
50 12/9/72 Edith's Winning Ticket Edith finds a winning lottery ticket in her purse. Thinking they're in the money, Archie tells Edith to collect. But Archie is once again foiled by his wife's honesty - the ticket, along with the prize, is really Louise Jefferson's. Archie, determined to collect the prize he thinks is rightfully the Bunkers', nearly brings an end to the friendship between Edith and Louise.
51 12/16/72 Archie and the Bowling Team Archie and a black co-worker vie for the last opening on a bowling team.
52 1/6/73 Archie in the Hospital Archie is hospitalized for chronic back pain, and makes great friends with his roommate. He's in for quite a shock when he gets to meet him in person - he's black. Will that change their new relationship?
53 1/20/73 Oh Say Can You See An old friend of Archie teaches him to live like he was young.
54 1/27/73 Archie Goes Too Far Archie snoops through Mike and Gloria's room, and finds plenty of things to start the latest argument. He finds a magazine and a poem, triggering a fight over the right of privacy. Mike storms out of the house to cool off, and an equally hot Gloria and Edith decide to join him. And Archie isn't apologizing!

A then little-known Mary Kay Place has a small role as one of Gloria's friends; Norman Lear would cast her in Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman a few years later.

55 2/10/73 Class Reunion Edith attends her class reunion, where she meets up with her old boyfriend. Archie goes along to make sure there's no hanky-panky between the old sweethearts.
56 2/17/73 Hot Watch For just $25, Archie buys a watch from his friend. Mike's suspicions are aroused when he thinks his father-in-law seemed to have gotten too good of a bargain, especially when the watch's market value is $300. Things are further complicated when Archie breaks the watch, sending him to a jeweler who needs to fix the watch.
57 2/24/73 Archie is Branded Tensions run high in the Bunker's neighborhood when Archie finds a swastika painted on his front door. Archie thinks juveniles were simply playing a prank, but they quickly finds out their home was mistaken for a Jewish radical who lives nearby. As violence seems imminent, a 'Hebrew Defense Association' (echoing the Jewish Defense League) member (Gregory Sierra) offers the family "protection." Surprisingly, Archie takes an immediate shine to the charismatic activist and his reactionary tactics, but Mike is appalled at their methods. But everyone is about to get a chilling lesson in how violence begets violence.
58 3/3/73 Everybody Tells the Truth The refrigerator is broken, and the family is forced to eat dinner at a restaurant. Over dinner, Archie and Mike engage in the classic "he said, she said" story, each giving inaccurate versions of what happened on the day a repairman and his black apprentice came to fix the refrigerator. Mike says Archie treated the apprentice (Ron Glass) like an Uncle Tom, while Archie envisions the assistant as a Black Power militant and his boss as a Little Caesar mobster. In the end, Edith gives an accurate account: Archie - impatient as the repairman tried to do his work - unwittingly insulted the black apprentice, causing both the repairman and apprentice to become fed up and leave. Archie then attempts to repair the refrigerator himself but causes the power to go out. Of Course neither Archie or Mike will admit to being wrong and start arguing all over again.
59 3/10/73 Archie Learns His Lesson Attending night classes to earn his high school diploma and maybe get a dispatcher's job at work, Archie swears Edith to secrecy lest Mike and Gloria discover he never finished school. Overwhelmed by his studies, he tries to cheat, but Edith pastes his crib notes on a board. He passes anyway, but loses the job to the boss's nephew.
60 3/17/73 Gloria the Victim While walking past a construction site, Gloria is besieged by sexual harassment. It escalates and she is soon the victim of attempted sexual assault. Archie and Mike debate whether to report the crime to police. Gloria eventually musters the courage to call an investigator over. But then, things are complicated when the detective tells her that the man she is accusing will make a counter-claim that their encounter was consensual.
61 3/24/73 The Battle of the Month Gloria objects to her father's treatment of Edith, sparking a battle that could upset the future harmony of the entire Bunker household. In one of Edith's best "wisdom of the sages from the mouth of a dingbat" moments, she restores harmony with a lecture about maple syrup.

Season 4: 1973-1974 24 episodes To the Top

# Airdate Title Overview
62 9/15/73 We're Having a Heat Wave Archie and next-door neighbor Henry Jefferson finally agree on something: They want to keep other ethnic groups out of the neighborhood. They disagree - and predictably, quarrel - about how to proceed.

Episode features the first appearances of Betty Garrett as Irene Lorenzo and Vincent Gardenia as Frank Lorenzo.

63 9/22/73 We're Still Having a Heat Wave During a heat wave in New York city, the Bunkers' new neighbors, Frank and Irene Lorenzo give Archie a new source of irritation, thanks to Irene's constant visits and Frank's incessant singing.
64 9/29/73 Edith Finds an Old Man Archie finds a pajama-clad 82-year-old man in his living room, and demands an explanation. Edith makes friends with the old guy, named Justin Quigley, who turns out to have run away from the Sunshine Home. Archie becomes even more upset when Quigley is unable to contact his estranged daughter.

Burt Mustin and Ruth McDevitt would appear in a few additional episodes as Justin and Jo, during the following season.

65 10/6/73 Archie and the Kiss Irene gives Gloria a replica of Rodin's "The Kiss." Gloria loves the statue, but Archie - insisting that a kiss is not just a kiss - objects when he sees it because of his sensitivity to pornography. After Archie gets Frank to take the sculpture back, Gloria gives her father the silent treatment, leading to icy tension around the house.
66 10/13/73 Archie the Gambler When Archie starts showing up at home with expensive gifts, it causes the family to wonder where he got the extra cash, particularly given his modest pay at the dock. Everyone soon learns he's been placing bets on horses. What's worse: Archie had apparently never really gotten over the betting urge, which was (temporarily) resolved when Edith threatened to leave him 20 years earlier.
67 10/20/73 Henry's Farewell Edith plans a farewell reception for Henry Jefferson, who is moving away. Archie tries to be nice and bury the hatchet with his adversary, but is his usual self. But just when Archie think's he's finally rid of a black man who is just as strong-headed about disparaging the other's race as he is, in walks George Jefferson, the man who had long refused to step foot in Archie's house ... and hates whites even more.

First appearance of Sherman Hemsley as George Jefferson. This is the only episode in which George and Henry appear together.

68 10/27/73 Archie and the Computer The follies of computers: Edith gets a small fortune in quarters from a prune company after she sends in a box top to get a 25-cent rebate and the company's computer makes an error. This thrills Archie, but he is not as thrilled with computers when he is (mistakenly) declared dead by another computer.
69 11/3/73 The Games Bunkers Play Edith, the Stivics, Lionel Jefferson and the Lorenzos play an adult board game called Group Therapy, where they must share their real feelings and opinions about each other. During the game, Mike doesn't like what he learns about himself or how others really feel about him. When things aren't going his way, he childishly quits the game and rants about how Archie undeservedly has plenty of opportunities despite his bigotry. He cries on Edith's shoulder but surprisingly, Edith is unsympathetic. Instead, she offers Mike insight regarding Archie's insulting attutude toward him.
70 11/10/73 Edith's Conversion When Irene invites Edith to her Catholic church one Sunday (as a guest), Archie becomes worried that Irene will influence his wife into converting to Catholicism, especially when she brings evidence (some brochures from the church and a Catholic medallion) into the house. Edith assures Archie she has no such plans. Meanwhile, a hike in meat prices prompts Gloria to shop for horse meat.

Father Majeski, from episodes 20 and 44, appears.

71 11/17/73 Archie in the Cellar While the others are away for the weekend, Archie goes down to the cellar to relight the pilot light to his furnace. However, the door only locks on one side, and it's not the side Archie finds himself on. Trapped for the entire weekend, Archie entertains himself with a bottle of vodka and a tape recorder, in which he incoherently makes out his will.
72 11/24/73 Black is the Color of My True Love's Wig Gloria buys a black wig and demonstrates it to Mike. He likes it so much that he gets sexually aroused. But what happens when she takes off the wig, now that Mike has seen her wearing it? With Gloria saying that she refuses to be the other woman in her own marriage, will this lead to Mike having to sleep on the couch?
73 12/1/73 Second Honeymoon Edith tries ... and tries ... and tries to get Archie to be romantic on their 25th anniversary, which they observe with a sojourn to Atlantic City, New Jersey. Archie eventually gives in and tells his wife he truly loves her and holds her dear.
74 12/8/73 The Taxi Caper Archie is robbed at gunpoint while driving Munson's cab. Archie goes to the precinct and is about to finger the suspect, when a corrupt politician attempts to bribe Archie from pressing charges.
75 12/15/73 Archie is Cursed It's Archie vs. Irene in a game of pool at Kelcy's Bar. The match is set up when Archie claims (without proof) that men are superior in all ways in all sports to women. Hurt by his claims, Irene immediately reveals her success in pool tournaments and demands a match to prove her point. Archie later tries to back out, claiming Frank "cursed" him by giving him a bad back (through a curse known as the malocchio or "evil eye")in time for the pool game.
76 12/22/73 Edith's Christmas Story Just in time for Christmas, Edith reveals to Gloria a devastating secret: She has a lump in her breast, and worries she may need a mastectomy.
77 1/5/74 Mike and Gloria Mix it Up The roles in the Stivics' romantic relationship take center stage, when Mike begins to resent Gloria being the "aggressor" in their sex life as of late.
78 1/12/74 Archie Feels Left Out It's a surprise party for Archie on his 50th birthday, but his birth certificate may be the real shocker.
79 1/26/74 Et Tu, Archie Archie and his old friend, Joe Tucker, reunite after 18 years. The two catch up on old times, but the current news for Joe is not all that good. He's unemployed and by now desperate for any kind of work. He meets with Archie's boss, Mr. Prendergast, telling him he's willing to take any job offer available. Archie, fearing for his own job, tries to sandbag his friend, but all turns out well.

Joe Tucker was played by actor Vic Tayback who, two years later, would gain fame for his portrayal of Mel on the long-running sitcom Alice.

80 2/2/74 Gloria's Boyfriend Gloria's new friend is George, a mildly retarded stockboy at Ferguson's Market. While delivering groceries one day to the Bunkers, Archie keeps George at the house, asking him stupid questions and getting him to do things for his amusement. When George loses his job, George's father shows up at the Bunkers, demanding an explanation. Eventually, George shows he still has some savvy (not to mention abilities) by proving he can successfully seek and obtain work when he gets a new job.
81 2/9/74 Lionel's Engagement The Bunkers are invited to Lionel's engagement to Jenny Willis, who comes from a mixed marriage: Her father, Tom (called Louis in this episode), is white while her mother, Helen, is black. This bothers Archie and really, really, really bothers George.

Zara Cully appears as George's mother, a role she would resume when the Jeffersons spun off into their own series the following year. Jenny's interracial parents, Tom and Helen Willis appear, but are played by different actors than would play the roles in The Jeffersons spinoff.

82 2/16/74 Archie Eats and Runs Archie eats some mushrooms for lunch. Later, he learns those mushrooms may be part of a product recall because they were in a batch laced with bacteria. Despite Mike's urging, Archie decides he doesn't want to bother with taking the rest of the cans of mushrooms back to the store ... or worry himself with the fact he may have food poisoning.
83 3/2/74 Gloria Sings the Blues Gloria is depressed as of late, and her mood swings begins to take its toll on the family.
84 3/9/74 Pay the Twenty Dollars George Jefferson demands to know why Archie paid him for his drycleaning with a counterfeit $20 bill.
85 3/16/74 Mike's Graduation Four years of hard work and studying have paid off for Mike, who graduates with a teaching degree. Archie celebrates, but not only for Mike's milestone. Rather, it means Archie can soon see the light at the end of the tunnel ... a time when Mike will get a job and he and Gloria will finally move out of the house.

Season 5: 1974-1975 24 episodes To the Top

# Airdate Title Overview
86 9/14/74 The Bunkers and Inflation (Part 1) Part 1 of a four-part story arc concerning the impact of a strike at Archie's workplace on the Bunker family.
87 9/21/74 The Bunkers and Inflation (Part 2) Part 2 of a four-part story arc concerning the impact of a strike at Archie's workplace on the Bunker family.
88 9/28/74 The Bunkers and Inflation (Part 3) Part 3 of a four-part story arc concerning the impact of a strike at Archie's workplace on the Bunker family.
89 10/5/74 The Bunkers and Inflation (Part 4) Part 4 of a four-part story arc concerning the impact of a strike at Archie's workplace on the Bunker family.
90 10/12/74 Lionel the Live-In Lionel and George Jefferson fight over the suitability of Lionel's girlfriend/fiancee, prompting Lionel to spend the night at the Bunkers'.

This is the first time the term "Zebra" would be used to describe Jenny Willis and her family. The term would be used all through "The Jeffersons".

91 10/19/74 Archie's Helping Hand Archie, annoyed at the amount of time Edith is spending with Irene Lorenzo, attempts to help her get a job as a bookkeeper at the loading dock, but the position Irene ends up landing is that of forklift operator, working alongside Archie.
92 10/26/74 Gloria's Shock In the midst of another of Archie and Mike's arguments, this one about overpopulation, Gloria discovers that Mike does not want to have children.
93 11/2/74 Where's Archie? Part 1 of a three-part story arc about the time Archie went missing. Archie is headed to an Army convention, but Edith receives word that he never made it to the hotel. (This three-part story was written to explain Archie's absence when Carroll O'Connor went on strike at the beginning of the 1974-75 season.)
94 11/9/74 Archie is Missing Part 2 of a three-part story arc about the time Archie went missing. Still no signs of Archie. Edith, Mike and Gloria are becoming frantic, questioning Archie's friends and co-workers. Episode notable for featuring the first appearances of Archie's co-workers, Stretch Cunningham (played by James Cromwell)and Mildred "Boom-Boom" Turner. Carroll O'Connor does not appear in this episode.
95 11/16/74 The Longest Kiss Part 3 of a three-part story arc about the time Archie went missing. Edith receives word that Archie has been located (it seems he got on the wrong bus and ended up at a podiatrists' convention, and ended up having such a good time that he never made it to his own convention). Edith, Gloria and Mike decide to have a party to celebrate his return; when Archie returns, he finds Edith spinning a hula hoop, Mike and Gloria struggling to maintain an hour-long kiss, George and Louise Jefferson jitterbugging, and Irene Lorenzo standing on her head. After a feud with producer Norman Lear about his contract negotiations, Carroll O'Connor finally returns to this episode.
96 11/23/74 Archie and the Miracle When Archie is nearly killed in an accident at the loading dock, he regards it is a miracle, and decides to repay God by doing "the Lord's work"...until the Lord's work conflicts with his Sunday football game.
97 11/30/74 George and Archie Make a Deal George Jefferson wants to run for a local council seat, but none of his neighbors will sign the petition to get him onto the ballot unless Archie first signs, necessitating an unlikely agreement between the two.
98 12/7/74 Archie's Contract A scam artist makes a deal to encase The Bunkers' house in aluminum siding, but when Archie has second thoughts, it takes the efforts of his neighbors, George and Louise Jefferson and Irene Lorenzo to get out of the contract.
99 12/14/74 Mike's Friend Gloria feels left out when Stuart, one of Mike's friends from college visits. Mike wants to do something "intellectual", but Stuart feels uncomfortable that they've excluded Gloria.

Carroll O'Connor does not appear in this episode.

100 12/21/74 The Best of "All in the Family" Henry Fonda hosts this special one-hour retrospective of All in the Family and its impact on American television. Included are clips from the show's most memorable episodes to that point.
101 1/4/75 Prisoner in the House Archie is dismayed to learn that the plumber who is doing work in his home has employed a furloughed prisoner from Sing-Sing.
102 1/11/75 The Jeffersons Move Up Pilot episode for The Jeffersons. George and Louise move from their house in Queens to a luxury high rise in Manhattan.

Edith is the only AITF cast member to appear in this episode. First episode ever in which we don't see Rob Reiner nor Sally Struthers.

103 1/18/75 All's Fair Mike and Gloria have begun to practice "fair fighting", in which they agree to argue constructively and resolve their differences. They try to enlighten Edith to the concept, but when she attempts to engage Archie in a "fair fight", the results are disastrous.
104 1/25/75 Amelia's Divorce Edith is looking forward to a visit from her cousin Amelia and Amelia's husband Russel whose marriage she thinks is perfect, but it's only after learning how unhappy Russel and Amelia are together that Archie and Edith realize how lucky they are to have one another.

Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers do not appear in this episode.

105 2/8/75 Everybody Does It Archie attempts to defend his practice of pilfering tools and supplies from his employer, but as usual, his arguments backfire.
106 2/15/75 Archie and the Quiz Edith is taking a life expectancy quiz, which Archie regards as dumb, until he takes it himself and it tells him he will only live to be 63. Convinced she miscalculated, Archie has Mike figure it out for him, and it turns out that he is only expected to live to be 57! He consequently has a nightmare about attending his own funeral.
107 2/22/75 Edith's Friend Edith attends a friend's wedding in Scranton, Pennsylvania, despite Archie's complaints about the city being a dismantled wreck. When at the wedding, she catches the eye of her male admirer when she was a child and they both seem willing to restart the love affair.
108 3/1/75 No Smoking Archie makes a bet that he can go without a cigar longer than Mike can go without eating, making for a very stressful weekend for the Bunkers and the Stivics.
109 3/8/75 Mike Makes His Move Mike has graduated and he and Gloria are desperately searching for an apartment to get away from Archie, who is as anxious for them to move out as they are to do so. They have little luck until they are offered a house with "five rooms, carpets and drapes and a-hundred-and-eighty a month": The Jeffersons' former house next-door to Archie and Edith.

Season 6: 1975-1976 24 episodes To the Top

# Airdate Title Overview
110 9/8/75 The Very Moving Day The night before they are to move out into their own home, Gloria arrives home with the news that she is pregnant. Mike becomes upset at the thought of raising a child they hadn't planned on having.
111 9/15/75 Alone at Last Mike and Gloria are set to move into their own home, next-door to Archie and Edith, but Mike has forgotten to have the utilities in their new home turned on, leading to another altercation between the young couple and Archie.
112 9/22/75 Archie the Donor Archie wants to impress his boss (from whom he is expecting a promotion) by agreeing to be an organ donor, only to regret his decision.

Sally Struthers does not appear in this episode.

113 9/29/75 Archie the Hero Archie arrives home from his part-time cab driving job, proudly announcing that he provided CPR to a female passenger who lost consciousness in his cab. However, he later becomes less willing to speak of his good deed when he and Edith realize that the "woman" was actually a male-to-female transvestite.

Episode features the first appearance of female impersonator Lori Shannon in the role of Beverly LaSalle. Shannon will make a few more appearance over the next year, until the character is killed off the following season. Sally Struthers does not appear in this episode.

114 10/6/75 Mike's Pains Gloria wants Mike to be with her in the delivery room when she gives birth, and he first agrees, but later, after listening to Archie's arguments against doing so, he has second thoughts.
115 10/20/75 Chain Letter Archie receives a chain letter, and when he throws it away, a series of mishaps causes Archie to wonder if breaking the chain really was the cause of his bad luck.

Sally Struthers does not appear in this episode.

116 10/27/75 Mike Faces Life When Gloria is fired from the Kressler's Department Store because she is pregnant, she and Mike stage a protest in front of the store.
117 11/3/75 Edith Breaks Out Archie resents that Edith has been spending too much time as a nursing home volunteer at the Sunshine Home, and he tells her that her work is a waste of time because they do not pay her for it. But his argument comes back to haunt him when Edith announces the Sunshine Home likes her so much, they have decided to pay her.

Sally Struthers does not appear in this episode.

118 11/10/75 Grandpa Blues Archie learns that his blood pressure is too high, and is ordered to remain calm and stress-free, but he and Mike get into a debate about what the baby's name should be.
119 11/17/75 Gloria Suspects Mike Gloria is eight months' pregnant and is feeling very unattractive, and to make matters worse, she suspects that Mike might be having an affair with one of his students (played by Bernadette Peters).
120 11/24/75 The Little Atheist Over Thanksgiving dinner, Archie argues with Mike over whether his and Gloria's baby should be baptised and raised as a Christian; Mike and Gloria feel their child should be allowed to choose his own faith when he is old enough to decide for himself.

Episode features Betty Garrett's final appearance as neighbor Irene Lorenzo.

121 12/1/75 Archie's Civil Rights Archie is mugged while driving his cab, but it is he who is charged with assault (for defending himself with his illegally-obtained tear gas pen). The judge in his hearing turns out to be an African American woman, and Archie doesn't help his case much when he tries to be "respectful"

Rob Reiner does not appear in this episode.

122 12/8/75 Gloria is Nervous Gloria is anxious to have her baby, and is panicked to be nine days overdue, taking out her frustrations on Mike.

Carroll O'Connor does not appear in this episode.

123 12/15/75 The Baby - Part 1

Part 1 of a two-part episode, concerning the birth of the Stivics' baby. Archie is forced by his lodge to appear in blackface in a minstrel show (which he refers to as a 'menstural show"), much to his own discomfort. Mike and Gloria, meanwhile, attempt to have a quiet dinner at their favorite Italian restaurant, when Gloria goes into labor. While calling the doctor, she gets stuck inside the phone booth.

124 12/22/75 The Baby - Part 2 Part 2 of a two-part episode, concerning the birth of the Stivics' baby. Archie and Edith receive word that Gloria has gone into labor, giving Archie an excuse to skip the minstrel show. His lodge buddies, however, are upset and will not allow him to use their cold cream, forcing him to rush to the hospital in blackface.
125 1/5/76 New Year's Wedding Mike and Gloria are getting ready for the wedding of their best friends Al and Trudy, but their excitement over the occasion is eclipsed by Gloria's frustrations that Mike is not taking her feelings seriously.

Carroll O'Connor and Jean Stapleton do not appear in this episode. This is the first episode ever not to feature Edith. Billy Crystal guest stars in this episode.

126 1/12/76 Archie the Babysitter Mike and Gloria are going out for the evening, and Archie is less than pleased with the babysitter they have chosen (a young student of Mike's), and her hippy boyfriend, but when he alienates the pair they leave, leaving him to babysit his grandson.

Jean Stapleton does not appear in this episode.

127 1/26/76 Archie Finds a Friend Archie ties to convince Edith to agree to invest in a neighbor's automatic doorbell ringer invention, which he is sure will make then a fortune.

Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers do not appear in this episode.

128 2/2/76 Mike's Move Mike is forced to reconsider his feelings on Affirmative Action, when he is up for a prestigious job, against an equally qualified African American candidate.
129 2/9/76 Archie's Weighty Problem Archie is ordered by his physician to lose weight, but he is not impressed with Edith's attempts at "low fat cooking".
130 2/16/76 Love By Appointment The new baby is hindering Mike and Gloria's love life.
131 2/23/76 Joey's Baptism Archie baptises his grandson himself, after Mike and Gloria refused to have him baptised.
132 3/1/76 Mike and Gloria's House Guests Archie and Edith's furnace breaks down, forcing them to spend the weekend with Mike and Gloria.
133 3/8/76 Edith's Night Out Edith looks beautiful in her tailored pants suit Gloria has given her, and wants Archie to take her out on the town. When he refuses, she decides to go out on her own, ending up at Kelcy's Bar. When Archie shows up at Kelcy's Bar a short time later, he realizes his wife is the "life of the party", and that he'd better stop taking her for granted.

Episode features guest appearance by Doris Roberts, who would gain fame two decades later as a regular on Everybody Loves Raymond.

Season 7: 1976-1977 25 episodes To the Top

# Airdate Title Overview
134 9/22/76 Archie's Brief Encounter (Part 1) Edith is preoccupied with her work at the Sunshine Home, and so Archie - feeling neglected - succumbs to the advances of an attractive waitress named Denise. Edith eventually becomes suspicious when, as Archie tries to sneak out one night, she finds Denise's phone number. Archie lets slip the truth and an outraged Edith leaves him.

Originally shown as a one-hour episode, and is part of a two-week story arc depicting Archie's near affair with another woman. In syndication, it is aired as a three-part episode. Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers do not appear in the first part of the three-part episode.

135 9/29/76 Archie's Brief Encounter (Part 2) It's been several days since Edith has moved out of the house, and refuses to speak to Archie - even though he's told Denise that perhaps it was best if they no longer were to see each other. It's up to Mike and Gloria to try to get the two back together.

In its original airing on CBS, this was the second part of a two-week story arc depicting Archie's near affair with another woman. In syndication, it is aired as a three-part episode.

136 10/6/76 The Unemployment Story (Part 1) Part 1 of a two-part episode, concerning Archie being laid off from his longtime job.
137 10/13/76 The Unemployment Story (Part 2) Part 2 of a two-part episode, concerning Archie being laid off from his longtime job.
138 10/27/76 Archie's Operation Originally shown as a one-hour episode, depicting Archie's surgery. In syndication, it is aired as a two-part episode.
139 11/6/76 Beverly Rides Again In an attempt to get back at his buddy Pinky Peterson for all his practical jokes, Archie sets his friend up on a blind date with transvestite Beverly LaSalle. Pinky Peterson, played by Eugene Roche, plays the same role in episode 146. Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers do not appear in this episode.
140 11/13/76 Teresa Moves In Archie and Edith place an ad in the paper to rent Mike and Gloria's old bedroom to a boarder. Their ad is answered by Teresa Betencourt, a young, Latina student nurse, who Archie had previously encountered in a previous episode (when he was admitted to the hospital for surgery), and who hadn't made the greatest first impression on him. Liz Torres's first appearance as Teresa, who will appear in five additional episodes during the 1976-1977 season. Rob Reiner does not appear in this episode.
141 11/20/76 Mike and Gloria's Will After a near-death experience, Mike and Gloria decide they should name someone to take care of Joey in the event of their deaths. Rather than Archie and Edith, they name their friends Al and Trudy, something that Mike is even more resolved to do when he learns Archie had bought Joey a toy machine gun at the store. Archie, as one might expect, is angered ... but Edith is even more so when Mike calls Archie a "bad grandfather;" even Gloria is upset that Mike is too tough on his father-in-law. Gloria then tells Mike about Al making a pass at her and Mike realizes they aren't going to make good guardians either. They decide to leave the matter unresolved.
142 11/27/76 Mr. Edith Bunker Edith attends a birthday party for an elderly patron of the Sunshine Home. While there, a young visiting nephew has a heart attack. Edith saves his life by administering CPR, and is named "Person of the Week" on the CBS Evening News. Archie is surprised and jealous when he's not in the spotlight, but still manages to compliment his wife when the interview comes on TV. Rob Reiner does not appear in this episode.
143 12/4/76 Archie's Secret Passion Archie is looking forward to a visit from an old high school buddy, until he learns that he will be arriving with his wife, a woman Archie once had a quick fling with, panicked that the woman will speak of the encounter in front of Edith. However, it turns out Archie was one of many, and the woman doesn't even remember the encounter. Sally Struthers does not appear in this episode.
144 12/11/76 The Baby Contest Archie and Barney become increasingly competitive after entering their grandchildren into a local baby beauty pageant. Archie also has a hard time having to deal with an irate Mike, who is against the very idea in the first place. Eventually, Archie and Barney get their comeuppance when, due to suspected ballot box stuffing, their grandchildren are disqualified.
145 12/18/76 Gloria's False Alarm Gloria mistakenly thinks she is pregnant again, which upsets Mike. She self-righteously demands that if he is so insistent that they shouln't have any more children, he should get a vasectomy.

Carroll O'Connor does not appear in this episode.

146 12/25/76 The Draft Dodger Archie's friend Pinky Peterson, who had lost his only son in the Vietnam War, is invited to Christmas eve dinner. Mike's college-aged friend David Brewster also happens by, and is also invited to stay for dinner. Only Mike and Gloria know that David is a draft dodger from the war, living in Canada. He is visiting the United States in secret, and is a fugitive from the law. During dinner, the truth about David's status comes out. Archie explodes in a tirade, probably the most agitated scene in the entire series. He asks "gold star father" Pinky to join him in condemning David's actions. Instead, Pinky takes a conciliatory tone, saying that the difference between Steve (his son) and David is that "David's alive to share Christmas dinner with us. If Steve were here, he'd want to sit down with him, and that's what I want to do. Merry Christmas, David." All are reconciled at this point except Archie, who is so confused and distraught at the turn of events that he opens the front door and harasses a passing band of Christmas carolers.
147 1/8/77 The Boarder Patrol When Archie and Edith go on a weekend trip to visit relatives, Teresa invites her boyfriend to spend the night. However when Archie and Edith arrive back home earlier than expected, she must find a way to sneak him out of the house without their seeing him.
148 1/15/77 Archie's Chair A leg breaks off of Archie's beloved chair when Mike sits in it, and is taken away to be repaired. However, when the furniture repair shop confuses their deliveries, the chair ends up in a conceptual art exhibit in a New York gallery. The artist, Lichtenrausch, attempts to buy the chair from Archie, but in the end Archie cannot bring himself to sell.

This episode aired around the same time as the real life donation of Archie and Edith's chairs to the Smithsonian, for an exhibit on the history of U.S. television; the name of the artist, Licthenrausch, was a composite of the names of two twentieth century modern American painters: Roy Lichtenstein and Robert Rauschenberg.

149 1/22/77 Mike Goes Skiing Mike receives an invitation to go skiing, but it is on the same weekend that he has already agreed to take Gloria to a party. He attempts to coerce Gloria into suggesting he go on the trip.
150 1/29/77 Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye After receiving word that his friend and coworker Stretch Cunningham has died, Archie reluctantly agrees to speak at his funeral. However, upon arriving at the service, he and Edith are surprised to learn that Stretch was Jewish, yet never said anything, despite Archie's many anti-Semitic remarks. Despite some awkward initial moments, Archie is able to deliver a heartfelt eulogy for his friend, capping it off with a respectful "shalom".

This is Jerome "Stretch" Cunningham's final appearance, although he is not seen during the episode.

151 2/5/77 The Joys of Sex Gloria questions the state of her parents' marriage, after discovering Edith reading a book called "How to Be Your Husband's Mistress".
152 2/12/77 Mike the Pacifist Archie tags along when Mike and Gloria go house hunting in the Bronx. On their way back, the subway breaks down, and Mike punches a man who was assaulting his wife, causing him to question his belief in nonviolence.

Jean Stapleton does not appear in this episode.

153 2/19/77 Fire When the Bunkers' house catches fire, Archie first blames Teresa, but is later shocked to learn that it is he who is to blame, having short-circuited a fuse.
154 2/26/77 Mike and Gloria Split During a game of Scrabble, Gloria becomes resentful of Mike's condescending demeanor, complaining that she helped put him through college, and now he looks down on her. Their fight causes him to spend the night next door at the Bunkers' where he has to share a bed with Archie.
155 3/5/77 Archie the Liberal When Archie's lodge is criticized for not allowing minorities, Archie suggests they recruit a member who is both Jewish and African American.
156 3/12/77 Archie's Dog Day Afternoon Archie cannot seem to get along with his friend Barney Hefner's dog. But when he accidentally hits the animal with his car, he worries that Barney will think he did so intentionally. He and Edith take the dog to the vet, who repairs his injuries and Barney accepts Archie's apology.

Season 8: 1977-1978 24 episodes To the Top

# Airdate Title Overview
157 10/2/77 Archie Gets the Business Archie learns that Kelcy's Bar is for sale and, wanting to gain a piece of the American dream and tiring of just scraping by, plans to mortgage his house to fund the tavern's purchase. An uncharacteristically stubborn Edith objects and refuses to co-sign for the mortgage, prompting Archie to forge her name on the application. Edith finds out and is outraged, and refuses to accept Archie's rationalization that he was merely committing "tracery". Mike has a heart to heart with Edith and, while not condoning what Archie did, admits that he understands why he felt he had to do it, and persuades her to let Archie mortgage the house to follow his dream.

Originally aired as a one-hour episode, and establishes Archie's ownership of the neighborhood tavern, Archie's Place. In syndication, it is aired as a two-part episode.

158 10/9/77 Cousin Liz Archie and Edith attend her Cousin Liz's funeral. Afterward, they visit with Liz's friend, Veronica, who as it turns out is more than just a friend - she and Liz were lesbian partners. Edith is shocked but quickly understanding, and tells her to keep a valuable tea service that was bequeathed to her. However, Archie finds out and is outraged. When he learns he can't have the tea set, he plans to sue Veronica. But Edith warns Archie to back off, knowing that Veronica's teaching career could be destroyed if Archie files the lawsuit and thus, comes forward with his knowledge about her sexual orientation.

Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers do not appear in this episode.

159 10/16/77 Edith's 50th Birthday It's Edith's fiftieth birthday, and the family plans a surprise party for her. She waits alone in the house, and a young man (played by David Dukes) appears claiming to be a detective searching for a rapist. He soon reveals that he is the rapist, and tries to sexually assault Edith. When Archie appears to claim a punch bowl, the man hides in the closet and threatens to kill him if Edith says anything. Once they are alone, the man is about to begin his crime-but a burning smell comes from the kitchen. Edith's cake is in the oven, and the man allows her to pull it out. She suddenly strikes him in the face with the burning cake and runs from the house (this prompted the loudest round of cheers and applause ever recorded on the show). She confesses to her family what has happened, and enters into a state of constant fear and depression. Gloria urges her to identify the man (who would go on to attack another woman), or the police will drop charges against him. Edith refuses, and Gloria declares her "selfish" and no longer considers Edith her mother. Edith slaps her, which helps her to realize she must identify the man. She leaves for the police station with Archie hoping that her actions may keep the rapist away for good.

Originally aired as a one-hour episode, depicting a rapist's attempted sexual assault of Edith. in syndication, it is aired as a two-part episode.

160 10/23/77 Unequal Partners Archie wants to go on a weekend fishing trip with Barney, and gets upset when Edith offers the house as the site for a wedding between two residents at the Sunshine Home on the day of the trip.

Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers do not appear in this episode. Ian Wolfe plays Herbert Hooper.

161 10/30/77 Archie's Grand Opening All about opening day at Archie's Place: Harry quits, prompting Mike, Gloria and Edith to fill in as temporary help. But Mike isn't very talented at mixing drinks, Edith's singing drives everyone nuts, and several customers sexually harass Gloria. The clincher: Archie's boss from the loading dock comes in to celebrate the success, when Archie announces he's resigning from his job.
162 11/6/77 Archie's Bitter Pill (Part 1) Business at Archie's Place isn't going very well, and Archie soon becomes exhausted from working too hard. His friend gives him some "prescription" pills for a boost, but he soon becomes hooked and begins acting erratically (for example painting the porch at 3 a.m.). When Edith, Mike and Gloria visit him at the bar to share their concerns over Archie's well-being, he begins babbling incoherently about opening taverns all over the place. However, the pills soon wear off and Archie begins to fear the worse: His dream of owning just one business may never come true.

Part 1 of a two-part episode, co-written by William C. Rader (a psychiatrist who married Sally Struthers in 12/1977).

163 11/13/77 Archie's Bitter Pill (Part 2) Archie becomes very depressed over the apparent fate of his business, and inability to make all of the business decisions. Concerned about her husband, Edith gets Harry to make a deal - he'll be Archie's business partner. Archie resists at first, but then agrees to the offer. It isn't long before Archie is his old self.

Part 2 of a two-part episode.

164 11/27/77 Archie and the KKK (Part 1) During a citywide blackout, Archie complains about how blacks and other minorities take advantage by looting businesses. This inspires Mike to write a letter to the editor, suggesting that greedy governments engage in the same practice but call it free enterprise. At the bar, Archie gripes to his co-workers, unknowing that two men are listening in. The men - Gordie (an old buddy of Archie's) and Mitch - approach the bar and invite Archie to come to a meeting of the Kweens Kouncil of Krusaders. All Archie wants is for Mike to see things his way, but Gordie, Mitch and other Kweens members - whose organization is actually the local Ku Klux Klan chapter - have a different plan to "teach" Mike a lesson ... burning a cross on his lawn.

Part 1 of a two-part episode.

165 12/4/77 Archie and the KKK (Part 2) A confused Archie tries to figure out how to stop Gordie and Mitch from their plans to burn a cross on Mike's lawn. He decides to ask Mike - who had gotten a harassing phone call because of his letter to the editor - to write a new letter recanting his position. When Mike refuses and Archie presses on, he lets slip about the Ku Klux Klan's plans. An outraged Mike, realizing that Archie may have unwittingly joined the KKK, tells Archie he does not want him seeing Joey ever again. Archie, risking his personal safety, pays a visit to Gordie and tries to persuade him from changing their mind about burning a cross on the Stivics' lawn (because Joey would see it and get the wrong idea over what the cross symbolizes). When Gordie refuses and then threatens to burn a cross on the Bunkers' lawn, Archie warns them not to burn any crosses, or else he will rally a group of African-Americans together against them, saying that because he had received a blood transfusion from an African-American woman, they were now his "black blood brothers." With that, he leaves.

Part 2 of a two-part episode.

166 12/11/77 Mike and Gloria Meet The Bunkers and Stivics remember the first time the "Little Goil" and the "Meathead" met.
167 12/25/77 Edith's Crisis of Faith Edith witnesses Mike and female impersonator Beverly LaSalle getting robbed at knifepoint. Mike is slightly injured but will be OK, but Beverly is killed. Edith becomes distraught over what she witnessed and wonders how God could allow such a violent act to happen. When she can't get a satisfactory explanation, she decides to renounce her Christianity. This prompts Mike, of all people, to suggest that maybe God didn't want this brutal crime to happen - that it was just a bunch of thugs who were out to rob people and kill if need be. Edith soon realizes Mike is right and it isn't long before she is herself.

Originally aired as a one-hour episode. In syndication, it is shown as a two-part episode.

168 1/8/78 The Commercial Edith is hired to do a commercial for a laundry detergent ... only it is a brand that she thinks is inferior to the detergent she currently uses. Archie, his mind focused on money, tells his wife to put her ethics aside and do the commercial, but Edith, unable to tell a lie, eventually backs out.
169 1/15/78 Archie and the Super Bowl Archie anticipates big business on the day of Super Bowl XII. But an afternoon of celebrating touchdowns and camaraderie with friends soon take a back seat to the wishes of two customers, who are daring robbers who steal everything's belongings.

Episode marked Gloria LeRoy's final appearance as Mildred "Boom-Boom" Turner.

170 1/22/78 Aunt Iola's Visit Another in a long line of Edith's wacky relatives - this time, her elderly Aunt Iola - pays the Bunkers a visit ... and stays and stays and stays, much to Archie's chagrin.
171 2/5/78 Love Comes to the Butcher Edith gives the neighborhood butcher, a bachelor who is desperately seeking a girlfriend, some encouragement. The butcher takes the compliment seriously and develops a huge crush for Edith.
172 2/12/78 Two's a Crowd Archie and Mike are locked in the storeroom at Archie's Place. When they are unable to break out or summon help, they are forced to spend the night together. Armed with just a bottle of bourbon whiskey, Archie - after learning that he is the only one to call his son-in-law "Meathead" - reveals that, as a child of the Great Depression, he was ridiculed by his classmates for having to wear a shoe and boot to school (hence, his nickname, "Shoobootie"), then lets on he had suffered physical abuse by his unemployed father. Mike is only able to sit there, stunned, as he gains a new understanding of his father-in-law. In the end, an intoxicated Archie falls asleep on the floor, and Mike tenderly covers him with a tarp.

Sally Struthers and Jean Stapleton do not appear in this episode.

173 2/19/78 Stale Mates Has the love and lust for each other died in their marriage? That's what Mike and Gloria fear after a vacation to the Poconos fails to rekindle their romance.
174 2/26/78 Archie's Brother Archie's estranged brother, Alfred, pays a visit to 704 Hauser Street to rekindle their relationship. The thing is, Alfred is due for a major operation and wants to make peace with Archie, but Archie has a lot of things to settle first.
175 3/5/78 Mike's New Job Mike gets the deal of a lifetime: After years of part-time work - and before that, often being unemployed - he is offered a teaching job at a major university ... in California.

Part 1 of a three-part story arc concerning the Stivics' plans to move to California.

176 3/12/78 The Dinner Guest Edith prepares a special dinner to honor Mike for his new job. However, Mike unknowingly makes other plans beforehand with the dean of the university he is going to work for. When they break the news, Edith (and Archie) becomes very upset. Mike is forced to hastily change his plans and he and Gloria sit down for Edith's meal, but it soon erupts into another argument between Mike and Archie.

Part 2 of a three-part story arc concerning the Stivics' plans to move to California.

177 3/19/78 The Stivics Go West Archie and Mike finally make peace with one another, admitting that although their views are vastly different, there have been plenty of good times and that they have come to love and respect one another. The tearful goodbye follows, and Archie and Edith are left alone, sadly sitting in their chairs, a piece of them having left them forever.

Part 3 of a three-part story arc concerning the Stivics' plans to move to California. Final episode with Rob Reiner and Sally Struthers as regular cast members.

Season 9: 1978-1979 24 episodes To the Top

# Airdate Title Overview
178 9/24/78 Little Miss Bunker Archie is looking forward to a little peace and quiet, and well as spending time alone with Edith, when the Dingbat's cousin - chronically unemployed Floyd Mills - drops by for dinner ... and a request: Raise his daughter, Stephanie, while he tries to get back on his feet.

First appearance of Danielle Brisebois as Stephanie Mills, the niece of Archie and Edith.

179 10/1/78 End in Sight A physical exam reveals an ominous spot on Archie's liver. Feeling self-pity, Archie decides to change his ways and be nice to Edith.
180 10/8/78 Reunion on Hauser Street Barney Hefner wants to reunite with his wayward wife, Blanche, after learning she has a failed extramarital affair with an exterminator. Archie has a better idea: Try someone new.
181 10/15/78 What'll We Do With Stephanie? Edith's cousin Floyd fails to make good on his promise to show up to reclaim Stephanie. Archie, fearing that he won't get the peace and quiet he always wanted, wants to send Stephanie to the orphanage. However, Edith decides her niece has brought a happiness and joy the Bunker household hasn't seen in years, and manages to talk Archie out of his plan. Eventually, Archie is won over and decides to let Stephanie stay.
182 10/22/78 Edith's Final Respects Edith's Aunt Rose passes on, and to her surprise, she's the only one to attend the funeral.
183 10/29/78 Weekend in the Country Archie and Edith accompany the Hefners to a cabin in the woods. But Barney and Blanche aren't having very good luck trying to patch up their tumultuous marriage, and it isn't long before the Bunkers are caught in an explosive argument. When Blanche refuses to allow Barney to sleep in her bed that night, Barney is forced to bunk with Archie. The opportunity allows Blanche to air her grievances to Edith, who successfully persuades her to give things one more try.
184 11/5/78 Archie's Other Wife While attending an American Legion convention, Archie wakes up to find another woman in his bed ... a black stewardess who claims that she married Archie the night before.
185 11/19/78 Edith vs. the Bank Edith wants to buy that color entertainment center Archie has always wanted for their 30th anniversary. However, she is denied credit twice: once at the store, and again when she tries to sign for a loan at the bank. She then asks Archie for permission to borrow $500, but when she won't say why, he won't let her have the money either, causing Edith to wonder if Archie may be sexist as well.

Edith notes that her favorite soap opera is As the World Turns (which, like All in the Family, appears on CBS).

186 11/26/78 Return of the Waitress Remember Denise, the waitress with whom Archie nearly had an affair two years earlier? Harry - without consulting Archie - hires Denise as a waitress at Archie's Place. Archie is caught between a rock and a hard place when he finds out, and worries what Edith will say when the two finally meet. Sure enough, Edith runs into Denise at the bar ... and after a long conversation, decides to forgive her for tempting Archie into infidelity.
187 12/3/78 Bogus Bills Edith is arrested for passing a phony $10 bill she got from Archie's Place. Archie has to rely on some cryptic clues from blind patron Mr. Van Ranseleer to unravel this mystery.
188 12/10/78 The Bunkers Go West Archie and Edith are excited about welcoming Mike, Gloria and Joey home for Christmas ... when they call to announce they are not coming and won't say why. This leads Edith to suggest perhaps traveling to Santa Barbara, California for the holidays.

Part 1 of a two-part story arc concerning the Bunkers visiting the Stivics in California for Christmas.

189 12/17/78 California, Here We Are The Stivics' first Christmas in California may be their last together, the Bunkers learn. Gloria lets on that she and Mike are having serious marital problems and have separated. Archie is furious, assuming that Mike was to blame, but he really hits the roof when he finds out the truth. Mike's job as college professor requires him to spend a lot of time away from home, and a lonely Gloria responds by having an affair with a neighbor. As a stunned Mike watches, Archie - forgetting he once too nearly went astray - screams at Gloria about her unfaithfulness to her husband. Edith tries to get Archie to stop his verbal assault, but he tells her it's "God's business." Edith's retort: "Then you let God tend to it!" Then, in her own unique way, she asks her daughter and son-in-law whether there is anything left to rebuild their crumbling marriage. Mike and Gloria uneasily say they will try to rekindle their flickering marriage, and then put off the discussion long enough to invite Stephanie and Joey in to unwrap Christmas presents.

Originally aired as a one-hour episode, and constitutes the second of two-part story arc concerning the Bunkers visiting the Stivics in California for Christmas. In syndication, this episode is aired as a two-part episode. This is the last AITF episode to feature all four of the original cast members, Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton, Sally Struthers and Rob Reiner, together. However, they also appeared together for Thanksgiving at the Bunker house on Archie Bunker's Place.

190 1/7/79 A Night at the PTA Stephanie is really looking forward to performing with Edith as part of a talent revue. But when Edith develops laryingitis, they have to conceive a new act against Archie's wishes.
191 1/14/79 A Girl Like Edith The butcher that once had a crush on Edith comes over to introduce his new German bride, Judith Klammerstadt ... but the bride looks a little too much like Edith.
192 1/21/79 The Appendectomy When Stephanie develops appendicitis, old, but reliable Dr. Shapiro is unavailable to perform the surgery. However, his son - who turns out to be one of Gloria's former playmates, is available and willing to do the surgery, even if Archie objects.
193 1/28/79 Stephanie and the Crime Wave Things are missing from the Bunkers' household, and also from Stephanie's teacher. Stephanie is fingered as the culprit, and she readily admits she stole. But then she lets on her anxiety over returning to her father, and that she will have nothing to remember Uncle Archie and Aunt Edith by. Archie wants to press charges and spank his niece, but then decides to back off.
194 2/4/79 Barney the Gold Digger Barney becomes despondent when Blanche finally leaves him for good. Archie decides to play matchmaker, but the woman is fat and ugly ... and very, very rich!
195 2/11/79 The Return of Archie's Brother Archie's brother, Fred, returns ... with a beautiful 18-year-old wife named Katherine. This leads to a heated discussion over April-September/romances, and a further strain placed on the relationship between Archie and Fred.
196 2/18/79 Stephanie's Conversion Edith finds out that Stephanie has been hiding the fact she is Jewish from Archie. Archie, through his gift of questioning, finds out and hits the roof. Edith once again has to remind Archie that certain decisions aren't his to make, causing Archie to have a change of heart and have a long talk with Stephanie about her religion ... and accepting her the way she is, even giving her a Star of David necklace to wear.
197 2/25/79 Edith Gets Fired Edith loses her job at the Sunshine Home after being in the company of a terminally ill woman as she died. The thing is, Edith honored the woman's wish to "die with dignity," and she did nothing to alert the on-duty nurses after she lost consciousness. The woman's family complained, and Edith was let go. In the end, the woman's daughter thanks Edith because her mother is no longer suffering.
198 3/4/79 The 200th Episode of "All in the Family" Norman Lear hosts a special retrospective paying homage to All in the Family. Included are clips from the series' most memorable episodes.

Originally aired as a 90-minute television special. Although seldom run, it is aired as a three-part episode in syndication.

199 3/11/79 The Family Next Door Archie still can't let old prejudices go when he learns Edith rented out the Jeffersons' old house to a black family.
200 3/18/79 The Return of Stephanie's Father Cousin Floyd shows up as promised, but now has a demand: hand over $1,000 or never see Stephanie again. Knowing that Floyd is using blackmail to get money, Archie and Edith hatch a plan to get Floyd to go away and keep Stephanie where she belongs.
201 3/25/79 Too Good Edith Archie enlists Edith to help cook corned beef and cabbage for a St. Patrick's Day festival at Archie's Place. What Archie doesn't know is that Edith has come down with a bad case of phlebitis, and that she was told to stay off her feet. Edith doesn't want to tell Archie, afraid she'll let him down. Finally, Edith's phlebitis catches up with her, and she tells Archie she can't walk, and to call Dr. Shapiro. Originally, Shapiro is angry at Archie for apparently forcing Edith to work, but when he sees Archie didn't know about the illness, he has a crisis of conscience for yelling at him. Archie also is stunned, and comes upstairs. Archie can't believe that Edith would hide that from him, and questions her love for him. After Edith reassures him, Archie tells her he wants to be told next time when she isn't feeling well, then admits he loves her very much and that without her, he has nothing.

The final episode of All in the Family, before it transitioned to Archie Bunker's Place. at the beginning of the following season.