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Migraine Headaches

Q. Would you have any solution to migraine headaches? - Mrs. P.I.I., Glendale, AZ

A. The exact cause of migraine headaches seems to be unknown. But, some research indicates that it is a basic, inherited defect, a metabolic disturbance, that makes a person prone to migraines.

In Great Britain, research has been done in detecting a biochemical defect present in some migraine sufferers. There is an alteration in the body's final handling of certain foods which contain tyramine, phenylethylamine, and other amines.

Tyramine is present in cheese, wine and citrus fruits. Phenylethylamine is present in chocolate and alcohol (especially colored rum, rye, scotch, red wine, beer). A migraine attack may develop up to 24 hours after ingestion of such items. There seem to be many trigger factors which can set off a migraine attack. Of course, not all the factors would apply to one sufferer.

These trigger factors could be grouped under the following headings: Dietary; Hormonal; Stress; Weather; Low blood sugar. Stress covers both mental and physical strain, as well as the stress caused by drugs, chemicalized environment, etc.

Migraine sufferers should avoid foods mentioned above that contain the offensive amines. The diet should be predominantly alkaline, with emphasis on fruits and vegetables and sprouted seeds. Eat frequent small meals. Avoid overeating.

Plenty of exercise in fresh air is imperative. Deep breathing exercises are of specific importance. If constipated, the problem should be corrected. Constipation is one of the trigger factors.

The following supplements are suggested for daily use:

Tea Water

Q. Is it okay to use fluoridated water for tea, and/or soup, or should I switch to mineral spring water, which I use for drinking. - N.H., Grand Rapids, Michigan.

A. Fluoridated water should never be used for making tea or soup, as fluorides are not destroyed by cooking; on the contrary, they only become more concentrated as water evaporates. Use your mineral spring water for tea making and cooking.

Asthma - Emphysema

Q. I am a female, 53 years of age. I have suffered with asthma for 38 years. I've had all kinds of allergy tests. I've been taking desensitizing shots for the past 25 years, and my condition is worse. I can't tell you how many times I've been rushed to the hospital. I now have an enlarged heart, with a very rapid heartbeat. My emphysema is also a big problem. At the moment, I am taking Valium and Medrol. My question is, what vitamins do you think I should take? As of now, I take 10 mg. zinc, 1 dolomite tablet, and 400 mg. of vitamin C each day. I understand that B15 would be great if I could get it. Between the heart and the lungs, what vitamins can I take that would help me? - Mrs. I.G., Pittsburgh, PA.

A. Yes, B15 could be beneficial. It is available from some health food stores. Perhaps 150-200 mg. a day could be helpful. In addition to this, up to 1,600 I.U. vitamin E (can benefit both heart and emphysema), 3,000 to 5,000 mg. vitamin C, and 25,000 to 50,000 Units vitamin A every day. Other specifics for asthma and emphysema include: manganese, 5 mg.; comfrey capsules, or tea; mullein tea; lecithin; onion water and honey (diluted fresh onion juice, sweetened with honey); and a calcium-magnesium supplement. Zinc intake should be 30 mg.

Although I am very much against continuous drugging with Valium and Prednisolon (a cortisone-like drug, of which Medrol is one example), I cannot advise discontinuing abruptly such medications as your system may have developed dependence on them, and would react with severe withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal must be done gradually, and under strict doctor's supervision.

Breakfast Drink

Q. I like the idea of a liquid breakfast or lunch. Since I consider you to be the most reliable source of factual nutrition information, would you please give me your version of a perfect breakfast drink. - B.B., Pasadena, CA.

A. For people on the go (as many are these days), a liquid breakfast, made quickly in your blender, may be the answer to being sure of getting adequate nutrition in spite of a busy life style. Here is my version of a liquid breakfast:

Airola Shake

Grind sesame or flax seeds together with bran, rice, polishings, or wheat germ in an electric seed grinder, which every family should own (it is sold in most health food stores for approximately $12.00). If you use wheat germ, make sure it is 100% fresh, non-rancid.

Place all ingredients in blender, and run on high until mixture is smooth approximately 15 seconds. Add more milk if needed.

Makes one large glass of super-nutritious and rejuvenating drink. In my Optimum Diet, this shake can be used as a replacement for either breakfast or lunch. You can take your regular vitamin supplements with it.


Q. I have just come home from the hospital where, for two weeks, I was treated for severe "obstipation" as the doctors called it. I am a 64-year-old woman, and have had constipation all of my life, and as I am getting older, it seems to get worse. Of course, I was given all X-rays and tests to see if there was any obstruction or any medical problem, but all tests were normal.

After trying many various laxatives, the only thing they found that would work was a liquid called Lactulose which tastes like syrup! This, along with a herbal laxative seems to be what I have to stay with to get any relief. I I have tried bulk diets, to no avail, and it seems to me there must be some kind of enzyme or something missing from my system to cause such a problem.

I would be most grateful if you would discuss this and give me any suggestions as to how I might change my diet, or treat this nutritionally. - M.H.C., Magee, Miss.

A. Although lactulose and herbal laxatives will help temporarily, they are not the final answer, because they do not solve the basic causes of your problem.

As reported previously in the "Forum", here is a simple, harmless, and effective 9-point anti-constipation program, in a nutshell:

  1. First, cleanse the body and give the digestive and eliminative organs time to regenerate themselves, by means of a 7-10 day juice fast.
  2. After the fast, go on a high-residue vegetable, fruit, seed, and nut diet, with emphasis on sprouted seeds and grains. The following foods are especially anti-constipating: homemade sauerkraut or sauerkraut juice; flax seeds, chia seeds, sesame seeds or tahini; soaked prunes and figs; yogurt, kefir, or other soured milks; whey powder or tablets; honey; and all fruits and raw and cooked vegetables.
  3. Avoid all refined and processed foods. Avoid sugar, salt and white flour in any form. Avoid coffee, tea, and alcohol - all constipating beverages. Avoid meat, eggs, bread - even wholegrain wheat bread. Sour rye bread or corn bread are okay.
  4. Take 2 tbsp. of cold-pressed vegetable oil (olive or sesame) each day excellent on salads.
  5. Morning and evening, drink one glass of "Excelsior", made with vegetable broth, 1 tbsp. of whole flax seed, and 1 tbsp. of raw bran for each glass. (Complete recipe in my books, Are You Confused? and How To Get Well, available at health food stores.)
  6. Drink lots of liquids: juices, herb teas, water. The best herb teas are: senna, slippery elm, raspberry leaf, and licorice.
  7. Exercise! Walk, swim, ride a bike or horse, dance, jog - anything! Plain walking, two or more hours a day, will remedy the problem in most cases.
  8. Avoid commercial laxatives. If needed, take natural herbal laxatives sold in health food stores.
  9. Take these supplements regularly: brewer's yeast, whey powder or tablets, flax seed, wheat bran, vitamins C, A, B-complex, choline, and inositol.
Remember: it is the combination of exercise and proper diet that will do the job, not just one or the other.

Wants Sex at 81

Q. In the September issue of Let's LIVE, I read in your "Forum" a letter from a 63-year-old gentleman who said he was "over the hill". I am an 81-year-old woman, have four healthy, married children, 11 grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. My husband is 83, and has seemingly completely recovered from a sudden attack of prostatitis during our first and only plane trip three years ago. Now he is well, cuts a good sized yard, has no pain anywhere, but has never wanted marital relations since.

I miss the sexual relationship. Even though I have arthritis in my knees, I enjoy life to the fullest, and wish to know what I can do for him. could it be fear? - Mrs. F.L.R., Daytona Beach, Fla.

A. Although there are some men in their 80's who do continue with sexual activity, in our culture they are in the minority. I hope that you can be happy enjoying a few more years with a husband even if he has lost his interest in sex. His loss of libido is more likely related to the prostate problems, although psychological factors such as fear of failure, or fear of causing physical harm to himself, may be involved.

Sexual energy is closely tied in with the total health level, and the general energy level. Perhaps you can improve your husband's libido by giving him specific foods, supplements, vitamins, and herbs, as suggested in the section on Impotence in my book, How To Get Well (available from health food stores).

E For Gums

Dear Dr. Airola:

In the December 1975 issue of Let's LIVE, you mentioned, among other things, the importance of rubbing the gums with Vitamin E liquid as a treatment for pyorrhea. I began doing this about 6 months ago, and my periodontist was very surprised at the results. All he could say was "just keep on doing whatever it is you are doing!" - S.S., Los Angeles, CA.

Pectin For Arthritis

I received the following letter, which I pass on to my readers: Dear Dr. Airola:

Why don't we read more about the therapeutic value of and research into the use of pectin for arthritis. I was released from years of nagging aches in my knee after starting to use pectin 20 years ago. I continue to take it when I feel it is needed. No more aches! No aspirins! No hot pads or rubs! No side effects! Just relief. It has done wonders for me. - Mrs. Hazel O. Brekke, Albee, S. Dak. 57210

Perhaps interested readers can write to Mrs. Brekke for more particulars on taking pectin. The above address is complete.