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Hyperactive Children

Q. I have an 8-year-old grandson who is taking a drug, Ritalin, for hyperactivity. This is because of pressure from the school. The drug has quieted him down, but has also made him sluggish at times. He has also lost some weight. I have tried to find available information on hyperactivity, and my daughter-in-law has cooperated by trying to do what is possible to correct his diet. She does give him an all-around general vitamin capsule, plus bone meal and cod liver oil. I do not approve of drugs and worry about future harmful effects. I would be very grateful for your comments. - D.C., Plymouth, PA.

A. You have to eliminate all man-made chemical additives from his diet, especially artificial flavorings and colorings and monosodium glutamate (MSG). That means, no other foods than what you can make from scratch in your own kitchen from fresh, organically-grown produce. This is, admittedly, not easy, but is the only thing that will work. The human body is not equipped to handle strong chemical substances that do not naturally exist in man's environment, and a young child's body is especially sensitive to them. Man-made chemicals irritate and paralyze the delicate organs and have an irritating (agitating) effect on the nervous system and brain centers. The chemicals from which artificial flavorings are made seem to have a specific hyperactivity producing effect. And it is almost impossible to buy supermarket-type foods today which do not contain man-made chemical additives, preservatives, and artificial flavorings, colorings, and flavor enhancers such as monosodium glutamate. Therefore, the only solution is to buy organically grown chemical-free produce, which is sold in many health food stores or perhaps you have to grow your own and prepare all food yourself. And, this, includes making your own bread, cooking your own oatmeal or other cereals (millet and buckwheat are excellent), making your own salads and salad dressings, cooking your own soups, etc. And, of course, avoiding like the plague all soft drinks, candies, ice creams, frozen dinners, canned and frozen foods, etc. Hundreds of mothers have tried this approach and report that it has resulted in dramatic improvement or complete normalizing of their children’s behavior.

There are an estimated over five million hyperactive children in the United States. At least two million are being treated with drugs, usually Ritalin, as is your grandchild, in an attempt to control their wild behavior. Doctors know that drugs do not cure the problem, only mask the symptoms and make zombies out of a great percentage of our young generation, but they aren't aware of or refuse to accept the well-researched and documented fact that it is our perverted, denatured, over-chemicalized diet that causes this abnormal behavior in children. Doctor Benjamin F. Feingold, chief emeritus of the allergy department at the Kaiser-Permanente Medical Center in San Francisco, did much pioneering research in this field, and his diet, which excludes all artificial food dyes and flavorings, artificial food dyes and flavorings, was recently used in a federally-funded study on hyperactive children. Dr. K. Connors, who conducted a 12-week double-blind study at the University of Pittsburgh, testified before Senator Edward Kennedy's subcommittee on health that the results of the study "were positive and cannot be ignored". A chemical-free diet resulted in a "significant reduction in hyperactive symptoms". The study proved that diet can definitely influence the behavior of children.

Dr. Feingold emphasized that the anti-hyperactivity diet is an "all or nothing diet". If a susceptible child takes a single bite of an artificially flavored or colored food, it will trigger a reaction within a few hours that may take several days to subside. As I said, this approach is not easy, but it is the only one I know of that definitely works.

Colorings in Vitamins

Q. We watch out for and try to avoid harmful additives, preservatives, and food dyes. We are also aware of the benefit of taking food supplements. My concern is related to the plastics and dyes used in capsuling and tableting of vitamins and minerals. These multi-colored, plastic capsules which are sold everywhere, including health food stores, surely must be as harmful as the additives, dyes, etc., found in commercially packaged foods. What is your opinion about these plastic capsules and brightly colored tablets? - Mrs. E.P., Ontario, Canada.

A. Unfortunately, some vitamin and supplement manufacturers are still using artificial colorings and other harmful substances in capsules and tablet coatings. It is a shameful and despicable practice, to put it mildly. The only way we can end this is to stop buying such products. They will get the message and switch to natural substances and colorings. On the positive side, most vitamin manufacturers now do not use any harmful materials or artificial colorings in their products. Patronize them.

Menstrual Problems

Q. Would you please give me some information on coping with menstrual periods. I suffer severe tension (anger and depression) on the day bleeding begins. It is worse if it coincides with the full moon. I suffer none of this 27 days out of the month, but on the 28th, it's as if I become someone else. What can I do nutritionally take more vitamins, exercise, etc.? - B. M., Minneapolis, Minn.

A. See my special article on menstrual problems in the August issue of Let's LIVE, in the "Biological Medicine" section. The article answers all of your questions.


Q. For many years I have suffered from a condition known as "fibrositis", which as you know is a form of muscular rheumatism involving the connective tissue. I have consulted many rheumatologists and arthritis specialists and have always hit the same brick wall, with the same answer: "There is no known treatment for fibrositis." In the back of my mind there has always been the feeling that this condition is of metabolic or nutritional origin. Since conventional medical science has no answer, I am wondering if biological medicine has any suggestions for this condition in general. Since the condition afflicts thousands of people, I feel it might be of interest for your comments in Nutrition Forum. Incidentally, warm dry weather improves the condition; cold, damp weather aggravates it. - E. K., Tucson, AZ.

A. Fibrositis is a rheumatic condition, actually a part of the general arthritic syndrome, usually triggered by injury or aging processes a wear-and-tear type of rheumatism. It is characterized by the replacement of normal tissue or components of the body structure with fibrous tissue. Extremely painful shoulders, as in bursitis, is an example of typical fibrositis where an excess of fibrous tissue makes normal motion very painful. It does not surprise me that the conventional arthritis specialists repeat the old lie, "there is no known treatment for fibrositis". They say the same thing regarding arthritis, bursitis, multiple sclerosis, stomach ulcers, arteriosclerosis, and many other diseases, which are successfully treated by natural, nutritional, herbal, and other biological approaches. Generally speaking, the biological treatment of fibrositis is similar to the arthritis treatment. The program should start with juice fasting to cleanse the body from disease-causing toxic accumulations. Depending on age and the patient's general health, the juice fast can be up to 30 days in length, if done under a doctor's supervision, or a series of short, three-to-seven day fasts, if done without supervision. The fast must be followed by a therapeutic anti-arthritic diet, from which all animal proteins, with the exception of raw goat's milk, must be excluded. Also, citrus fruits, salt, bread, sugar, and canned and processed foods must be avoided. The diet must be highly alkaline with emphasis on raw and cooked vegetables especially raw, boiled, or baked potatoes bananas, papaya, pineapple, cherries, alfalfa sprouts, avocados, and raw green salads. Vegetable broth, made from any available green and root vegetables and potatoes, is an excellent therapeutic drink. Also, vegetable juices, especially carrot and celery juice, are beneficial. For the celery juice, are beneficial. For the duration of treatment, the diet should be supplemented daily with the following:

All mentioned supplements are available at most health food stores. Castor oil packs on affected areas, for half an hour before going to bed, are soothing and healing. Hot baths or saunas are also very beneficial.

Low Thyroid and Darker Hair

Q. In years past, I have always tested "low-normal" when given a thyroid test; yet, I have been at a low energy level all of my life, although a good nutritional and vitamin approach has helped in some ways. About three years ago, a doctor prescribed thyroid tablets (1 gr.) which helped immensely. Since there were thyroid problems in my husband's family also, I decided to try some thyroid for my 25-year-old daughter and 16-year-old son, who were also having problems. The effect was dramatic - personalities brightened, motivation increased, and a general sense of well-being ensued.

Are the routine tests for thyroid really accurate? I think I could have had many more years of really productive life if I had been given thyroid sooner.

I give myself and my family two kelp tablets along with the vitamin C before breakfast - an unexpected dividend was that there is some new growth of darker hair for my husband and me. Would 5 kelp tablets be better? - O.M.K., San Diego, CA.

A. Thyroid tests are not very accurate, as thyroid hormone output varies from minute to minute, depending on your activity and level of mental and physical stress, among other factors. I feel that you and your husband, as well as your children, would be better off by taking more kelp a day, or use kelp granules in your cooking or on salads. Don't worry about possible iodine overdosage. Iodine in kelp is 100% organic and natural and would not harm you. Some people in Norway, Scotland, and Japan eat huge amounts of kelp daily without any apparent harm.

For thyroid insufficiency, vitamins C and E are also important. The beneficial herbs are golden seal, myrrh, and black cohosh.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Q. I am seeking help or information from you or any readers of your magazine about possible vitamin therapy or some way of relief from a disease called ankylosing spondylitis. This is a form of crippling arthritis which strikes in the back. My husband is 28 years old and has been unable to lie down and sleep for more than two or three hours at a time because of the stiffness and severe pain in his back. Symptoms of this disease are opposite to other forms of backache: pain becomes worse with rest. We have tried many things (heating pads, different mattress, etc.) with no relief. Drugs prescribed by physicians have been of no help. As you can see, we are making a desperate attempt to seek some help. It is very sad to watch such a young man suffer so much. During the periods when he is trying to sleep, he must get up and sit in a chair to get temporary relief. After waking up in the morning, for awhile he does not appear to have any problem, only when trying to rest or sleep. This has been growing worse for five years.

Any help or advice you might offer would be greatly appreciated. - K.M., Chattanooga, Tenn.

A. The medical term, ankylosing spondylitis, refers to the arthritic inflammatory condition of the spine. Since your husband's condition seems to be still in an early (inflammatory) stage, he has good prospects of improving, even correcting the condition with a proper anti-arthritis diet, juice fasting, and special herbs and supplements.

First, I suggest two or three weeks of juice fasting, following meticulously my instructions in the book, How To Keep Slim, Healthy, And Young With Juice Fasting (available at health food stores). After the fast, the therapeutic diet must exclude wheat in all forms and all animal proteins, including cow's milk and cheese. The emphasis must be on an abundance of alkalizing vegetables and fruits (citrus fruits only sparingly, however). The best foods are: millet, rice, potatoes, bananas, pineapple, cherries, apples, and all available vegetables. This optimum health-building diet must exclude sugar, excess of salt, and all supermarket-type foods. In addition to using heating pads, (try with castor oil packs - see instructions in my book, How To Get Well) it would be advisable to take the following specific vitamins and supplements: Vitamin C, bromelain, potassium, cod liver oil, alfalfa tablets, niacin, B6, pantothenic acid, kelp, and brewer's yeast fortified with calcium. Best herb teas are: comfrey, alfalfa, parsley, black cohosh, and chapparal (available at health food stores).

Broken Capillaries

Q. I have what I think are broken capillaries showing on the outsides of my thighs, behind my knees, and they're starting to appear around my ankles. I am 22, and very conscious about this. What causes this problem, and how can it be reversed? - C.D.P., Washington, DC

A. I don't know if you can reverse it, but you certainly can prevent the worsening of the condition and the development of new blue webs on your body. Often this condition is associated with pregnancy, overweight, or nutritional deficiencies. Capillary fragility is usually associated with a bioflavonoid deficiency. Minerals and vitamins C and E are also involved, as well as choline.

I would advise you to adhere to the Optimum Diet, and take multiple mineral-vitamin tablets, plus the following specifics daily:

Eat buckwheat, millet, and sesame seeds - excellent foods for your capillaries.

Combatting Air Pollution

Q. I am constantly reading that minerals are better assimilated if they are chelated. I use organic vitamin/mineral supplements along with your "Airola Diet" tailored to my needs. How do I know what I am assimilating? I ride a cycle to work three days a week, and for 15 minutes encounter heavy traffic. I take:

I would be grateful for any additional suggestions to combat the exhaust fumes. - A.M., Costa Mesa, CA.

A. Organic minerals found in bone meal, kelp, juices, and other natural food and food supplements are chelated by nature and are well assimilated. How well do you assimilate your food and supplements? If you don't have any health problems, gas, diarrhea, or other digestive disorders, you can assume that you are assimilating them well.

For protection against exposure to carbon monoxide and other toxins in polluted air while you ride your bike to work, you should take the following supplements that are specific for this purpose (in addition to what you are already taking):