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A Hair-Raising Question

About Vitamins

Acid-Alkaline Balance


Airola Diet for a Dog

Airola Diet for a Dog

Allergic to B's

Allergies and Asthma

Anemia - Nutritional Approach

Animal vs. Vegetable Proteins

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Are Lecithin and Bran Perishable?

Artificial Food Coloring

Asthma - Emphysema

Athlete's Foot Cure

Avoiding Stretch Marks


B12, Herbs & Teeth

B15 and Arthritis

Baby Feeding

Back Pain

Bee Pollen

Best Time to Fast

Biochemical Individuality

Biologically Oriented Doctors


Bloodshot Eyes

Bran And Weight Loss

Bran Fad

Breakfast Drink

Brewer's Yeast

Brewer's Yeast Spells Gas!

Broken Capillaries

Burning Mouth

Bust size and firmness

Buttermilk vs. Yogurt

Buzzing Sounds in the Ears

Calcium Orotate And Calcium Glycerophosphate

Calcium Orotate and Sea Salt

Calorie Count

Can't Read Test Reports

Cancer Prevention

Causes of Ridged Nails

Cell Salts


Cholesterol and Diet

Cigarette Advertising by Airola

Coffee and Tea

Colorings in Vitamins

Combatting Air Pollution

Condoms and Cervical Cancer


Cooking Beans


Cracked Lips

Cure for Arthritis

Dangers of Excess Protein Intake

Depression & Diet

Diet for Arthritis

Distilled Water


Do we need supplements?

Drinking Water

Dry Skin

E For Gums


Eggs: Raw Or Cooked

Emphysema and Hiatus Hernia


Enlarged Prostate

Environmental Poisons


Estrogen Therapy - Cancer Link


Exercise to Lose Weight?

Face Lift

Fasting For Children

Fasting and Enema

Fasting during Pregnancy and Lactation

Fasting for Pets?

Fibrocystic Breast Disease Update



Flax Seed

Fluoridated Water

Fluoride for Osteoporosis

Folic Acid and Leukemia

Food Combining

Food Sources of Vitamin B15

Frederick Stare's Double

Fried Foods

Fruits and Vegetables Defined

Gaining Weight


Garlic and Onions




Grain Phytates

Grains And Phytates

Growing Taller at 22


Heated Oils

Herbs For Hypoglycemia

Hiatus Hernia

High Blood Pressure

Holistic vs. Traditional Medicine

Honey For Boils

Hormones and Cancer

Hormones and Cancer

Hot Tubs May Not Be Such a Hot Idea

How much B15?

How much protein do we need?

How to Take Vitamins

Hulled vs Unhulled Sesame Seeds

Hyperactive Children


Hypoglycemia Diet Without Meat

Hypoglycemia Specifics

Increasing Height

Interferon: Boon to Mankind or Another Wonder Drug Disaster?

Iron - Vitamin E Antagonism

Iron-Vitamin E Antagonism

Juice Drinking

Juice Fasting Experience

KH-3 and Royal Jelly

Kidney Stones

Knife-Happy Doctors

Lactose Intolerance

Lead Poisoning


Live Longer on Fried Foods?

Loose Bowels

Loss of Taste and Smell

Low Blood Pressure

Low Cholesterol And Low Fat Diet

Low Thyroid and Darker Hair

Lupus Erythematosus

Male-pattern Baldness

Meat for B12?

Melanin, Gray Hair, and Stress

Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual Problems

Microwave Oven

Migraine Headaches

Milk Value Questioned

Milk or No Milk

Mineral-Vitamin Imbalances

More On Tannin

My Books


Nail Ridges

Natural Deodorants

Natural Diuretics

Natural High-Potency B Complex

Natural Vs. Synthetic Vitamin E


New Hope for Down's Syndrome

Niacin Flush

Nocturnal Micturition

Nucleic Acids, Yeast and Aging

Nursing, Fasting, Vaccinations, & Colds,

Nutrition and Alcohol

Oily Skin

One Hundred Times Better!

Over the Hill

Pasteur: Genius or Con-Man?

Pectin For Arthritis


Phytate And Sprouts

Plant Sources of Vitamin B12


Poor Sexual Response

Pre-surgery And Post-surgery Diet

Preparing For Pregnancy

Preventive For Hysterectomy

Promiscuous Age

Pruritus Ani (Anal Itch)

Psoriasis and Lecithin


Questions on Yeast!

Rancid Foods

Rancid Oils

Raw Bone Meal

Raw Food Confusion

Raw Foods and Common Sense

Reader Helps on Sea Salt

Rectal Fistula


Saccharin-Cancer Link


Safe Cooking Oils


Schizophrenia and Celiac Disease

Seven-Year Itch

Sexual Abstinence

Skin Cancers

Soft vs. Hard Water

Some Negative Aspects of Raw Foods

Sore Mouth

Sourdough Bread

Sourdough Bread Fiasco

Swine Flu Vaccination

Swollen Glands

Synthetic Vitamins

Tea Water

The Diet of Infants

The Value of Food Enzymes

The Value of Food Enzymes

To Counteract "Pill" Damage

Toxic Shock, Tampons and Alternatives

Tryptophan as a Sleeping Aid

Vaccinating Children


Vaginitis And Garlic

Varicose Veins

Vitamin C - Cholesterol Comment

Vitamin C - Cholesterol Relationship

Vitamin C and Heart Attacks

Vitamin C and Pernicious Anemia

Vitamin C in Potatoes

Vitamin D

Vitamin Dosages

Vitamin E and Rancidity

Vitamins and Drugs

Vitamins and Supplements: Are They Really Needed?


Wants Sex at 81

What Causes Overweight?

What Kind of Vitamin E?

What is B5?

Where to Study Naturopathy

White Vinegar

X-Ray Damage

Yellow Urine

Yogurt Lover

Yogurt: A Health Food?

Airola Diet - Recipes for Optimum Health

What Is Biological Medicine?

Birth Control: A Biological Perspective

Controversial Yeast: Super Nutrition Or Dangerous Fad-Food?

Prevention and Treatment of Cancer

Colds: The Biological Approach

Digestive Problems - Part One

Digestive Problems - Part Two

Juice Fasting - Part One

Juice Fasting - Part Two

A Case For Freshness

Garlic: Poison Or Miracle Food?


Hypoglycemia: Causes, Prevention, and Treatment

Diet for Hypoglycemia

What Is Hypoglycemia?

What Is Hypoglycemia?

Causes Of Hypoglycemia

Health Secrets From Japan


Menstrual Disorders: A Natural Approach


Are Vitamins And Food Supplements REALLY Necessary?

Vitiligo - And Other Skin Pigmentation Disorders: Nutritional Approach